Side Kick

Case # 19002818   8-28-19

The victim was walking at UNL and two females were walking in front of her.  She reported the black female in her 20’s, turned around, ran at her and side kicked her in the leg.  She then went back to the other black female in her 40’s, who appeared to be guiding her around.  Surveillance video shows these two females as suspects for this case.  If you have a tip, leave it here.

Park at Dark

LSO Case # B9006050    

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office is looking for information on a string of cases from Wayne Park in Waverly, NE.  Four males can be seen on surveillance video around midnight on July 20th.  They kicked in doors on the park buildings, broke security lights and destroyed an internet receiver.  20 days later, on August 9th, it is believed that the same four males returned to the park.  This time they brought along two females.    Once again, they kicked in doors of the park buildings, stole concession items and then started a fire in the bathroom before they left.  The fire alone did $1800 in damage to the building before burning itself out.  If you have information on this case, please contact LSO or leave a tip here.

No Respect

Case # B9-080886     Occurred:  8-30-19

On August 30th a funeral was driving through 27th and P St. A white male in a Mitsubishi Galant (with no plates) had no respect for the funeral or the other drivers.  First he attempted to squeeze between the car in front of him and a pickup to his left.  When he collided with both, he became enraged, crawled out his window, climbed on top of his car and yelled at the driver’s to move their car. He then climbed back into his car. The car behind him moved back to give him space so he would not be hit as well, but also pulled out a cell phone and recorded the driver backing up and driving over the curb to get away. This upset driver caused thousands of dollars in damage to the other two vehicles. Leave at tip at

Rock N Run

Case # B9-071428    Occurred: 8-5-19

A male approached the Super C at 510 W A St and  attempted to open the front door, but it was locked.   He returned about 45 minutes later and threw a rock through the window in an attempt to burglarize the store.  However, the store alarm went off and he fled the area.  If you know who this male is, please leave a tip here.

Van Go

Case #  B9-082718   Occurred: 9-4-19

Someone broke into a car in York, Ne on the morning of 9-4-19.  That same day the van above arrived at Scheels. The three pictured above, came into Scheels and fraudulently used Credit Cards stolen from the car in York.   The van was reported stolen in Lincoln the same day and has not been located yet.  If you know the individuals or locations of the suspects and stolen van, please leave a tip here. 

Trading up

Case # B9-077432    Occurred: 8-21-19


This man with the long red hair attempted to pawn a bike. He showed up with another white male and a white female. The pawn was denied, so the man took the bike out and put it on a trunk mounted bike rack on a white car. The female then walked next door and scoped out a bike waiting for it’s owner at the Plasma center. The same male then walked over and stole the bike. If you have info on these suspects or what they are doing with these bikes, please give a tip here.

Bad Burglar

Case # B9-075823   Occurred: 8-17-19

The iRepair Smartphones store at 27th/Superior was burglarized. A dark colored vehicle parks in the lot and a skinny, light skinned male walks up to the window. He threw a rock through the window and steals computers from the business.  He left in the dark colored vehicle. Leave us a tip here.


Case: B9-073848    Occurred: 8-11-19


Scheels reported a shoplift of Legos. However, this one was unique. A man and little boy appear to be having a moment of bonding. He tells the little boy to take a big Lego set into the vestibule and wait. The man then doesn’t pay for those Lego’s and they leave. If you have information on this case contact LPD or leave a tip with Crime Stoppers.  

Coffee to go

Case # B9-077716    Occurred: 8-21-19


A business near 13th and N st was burglarized.  This guy was seen on the surveillance video.  He took 3 cans of Mountain Dew, a 2 liter of Mountain Dew, a Starbucks Frappe, Swiss Miss hot chocolate.  He also made two cups of coffee and stole a mug so he could make it ‘to go.’   After taking a tablet, he left the business.  If you have a tip on this case, leave it here.  

Joy Ride

Case #B9-078231    Occurred: 8-23-19

This man was walking by Durst Auto at 110 O St. and decided that the convertible red Firebird was just his style. He was seen entering the car and driving off.  3 days later the stolen Firebird was located at the Comfort Inn near the airport.  If you have any info, please leave it here.

Chump change

Case B9-073134  Occurred: 8-8-19

Century Towing at 3219 S 10th reported a burglary. They supplied video of this individual breaking into their lot. He only stole a few dollars out of a vehicle on the lot, but caused more in damages than his theft.  If you have information on this case, please let us know here.

Double quick

B9-073050   Occurred:  8-8-19

Two males tried a quick change scam at the HyVee at 84th/Holdrege. They arrived in a black Chevy Suburban. If you have information on this case, please contact LPD or leave a tip with Crime stoppers by clicking here.

Quick thinking

B9-074208    Occurred: 8-9-19

A shoplift was reported at the Walmart at 84th/Hwy 2.  They loaded up a cart full of merchandise and went to a register.  When the clerk wasn’t looking they were able to trick the system into thinking they had paid for all their merchandise.   Video of the transaction shows these two males.  If you have a tip, leave it here.

Pick-up and run

B9-066890    Occured: 7-23-19

The victim was turning from O St. onto S 13th St when a the victim had to yield to a pedestrian.  The victim was then struck from behind by  a white Chevrolet pickup truck.  The truck then continued eastbound on O St fleeing the area.   A witness thought the vehicle had an Iowa or Kansas license plate with the first beginning letters as ‘OIL’ or a combination of similar letters.    If you have any info on this case, please leave a tip here. 

Door Bursting

B9-068665  Occured: 7-28-19


On July 28th, a male and female arrive together to Walmart, but enter the store separately. The female loads her cart with over $1,400 in merchandise while the male walks back out to their maroon Chevy Impala. He parks on the side of the store and she bursts out an emergency door with her cart in tow. They load the items into their Impala and flee the area. If you have info on this case, please contact LPD or  give a tip here.

Yellow Submarine

B9-070022             Occurred: 8-1-19


4  teenagers burglarized a residence near 35th/ and J st.    They were described as a thin white male, a short/stocky white male, a ‘small’ white male, a white female with shoulder length hair and a limp from her right leg.  They stole a yellow, Hy Ball ROV underwater drone.    This drone is very rare and was used in the 1980’s for underwater exploration.  It’s over a  150 lb drone so it took several of them to pickup and move it out of the house.      It cost upwards of $50,000 in the 80’s, so it is a very rare item.       If you’ve seen this drone, give us a tip here.  

To go

B9-051554     Occurred: 6-9-19

The victim was inside Gordmans doing some shopping when she lost her keys.   When she left the store, she found not only her keys were missing, but someone had used them to take her car.   The car was found later, but all the day’s groceries and purchases were gone from the car.   Surveillance video shows this couple in the store and the female was the one who drove off in the stolen car.   If you know who they are, contact LPD or leave a tip here.


Real workout

B9-067653  Occurred: 7-20-19

The victim was at the gym when someone broke out the window in her car.   The victim then found out someone used her credit card at Walgreens and Warmart.   Surveillance video showed this male giving that credit card a real workout, racking up almost $1500 in charges.   If you have a tip on this case call LPD, Crimestoppers, or leave a tip here.

Mess Maker

B9-073319   Occurred: 8-10-19

The Casey’s at 40th/Adams was burglarized on 8-10-19. Video showed the suspect had used a medium sized chunk of concrete to smash through the glass front door. The suspect trashed the store in his attempt to find something to steal. In the end he was only able to grab about $300 worth of cigarette carton’s. But he caused over $7,500 in damage to the store in the process. The suspect appears to be wearing black gloves, black sweatshirt with the hood up, black pants, black shoes, and a blue bandana around their face. If you have information on this case, please contact Lincoln Police or give a tip here.

Jet Flee

B9-070487     Occurred: 8-2-19

On Friday August 2nd around 10:20 am officers were called to 13th and M St. on a hit and run accident.   A male was hit while walking across the road and sustained some significant injuries in the accident.  LPD previously released the first image above of the vehicle responsible,  which was a blue colored truck consistent with a 4 door GMC Sierra towing a jet ski.  LPD recently found new surveillance images of the suspect vehicle in the top row above.   Plus, we have found a second vehicle we would like to identify. This other vehicle is a white Ford Explorer, ALSO towing a jet ski.  It was seen traveling the same direction as the suspect vehicle within a minute.    If you have any information on these vehicles, please leave a tip here.

Shot Dog

B9-066330     Occurred: 7-21-19

The victim reported seeing 6-8 males around his residence on his surveillance system. He went outside with his two dogs and the dogs chased off the men, but one of the men stopped and shot at one of the dogs. The men left the area of 24th/W st. The dog was found to have a bullet wound. It was treated and is recovering. If you have info on these men or about this incident, please contact us.


Scary Moment

A hit and run occurred at 56th and Hwy2 on May 17th, 2019.  A child was struck while riding his bike across the street and dragged over 25 feet.  the driver of the pickup took off.   Other driver’s were shocked to see this and took video to share with police.   If you have information on the pickup we are looking for, please give us a tip here.

Flaming Hot Felons

B9-044017      Date: 5-18-19

Two white males reportedly robbed a man of his car at knife and gun point.  The car was seen all over town related to other incidents.  We are looking to identify the two males responsible.   If you have information on this case, please contact us here!

B9-042549     Date: 5-14-19

Just 4 days before the Robbery above, The Kwik Shop at 4750 Calvert reported this male stole Flaming Hot Cheetos from their store.   This appears to be the same male, with the same taste in munchies!  If you know who he is or someone with a desperate appetite for those Flaming Hot Cheetos, please give us a tip in the case above!   

Long Distance


On 12-2-17 a Burglary in Denver Colorado captured this unknown male breaking into a business. Forensic evidence at the scene may be tying this same male to a 2014 Sex Assault in Lincoln, Ne. If you know who this male is, please leave us a tip here.

Fraudulent Daughter

B9-040224         Date 5-7-19

These two were reportedly at Home Goods where one of them approached the victim and said she needed help reading the Mother’s Day cards.  While the victim was helping her, the other individual stole the wallet from her purse.  The victim’s cards were used at 3 stores around Lincoln and Crete where they  purchased prepaid credit cards.   Video shows these two individuals as suspects.     If you know who they are, leave us a tip here.   Your mother will be proud.  

Pallet Problems

B9-030885     Date: 4-7-19


A business reported a large amount of pallets were stolen overnight.   Surveillance video revealed this truck making numerous trips with stolen pallets.  If you know them leave a tip here.

Cloned Beauty

B9-036458     Date: 4-25-19

The victim was made aware of charges on their card, which they still had.  Someone had stolen their card info and cloned it to a new card.  Video obtained for the transaction showed these two males buying expensive hairdryers from Ulta Beauty and they reportedly  attempted to buy a PS4 from Gamestop.  If you know them leave a tip here