Scary Moment

A hit and run occurred at 56th and Hwy2 on May 17th, 2019.  A child was struck while riding his bike across the street and dragged over 25 feet.  the driver of the pickup took off.   Other driver’s were shocked to see this and took video to share with police.   If you have information on the pickup we are looking for, please give us a tip here.

Flaming Hot Felons

B9-044017      Date: 5-18-19

Two white males reportedly robbed a man of his car at knife and gun point.  The car was seen all over town related to other incidents.  We are looking to identify the two males responsible.   If you have information on this case, please contact us here!

B9-042549     Date: 5-14-19

Just 4 days before the Robbery above, The Kwik Shop at 4750 Calvert reported this male stole Flaming Hot Cheetos from their store.   This appears to be the same male, with the same taste in munchies!  If you know who he is or someone with a desperate appetite for those Flaming Hot Cheetos, please give us a tip in the case above!   

Long Distance


On 12-2-17 a Burglary in Denver Colorado captured this unknown male breaking into a business. Forensic evidence at the scene may be tying this same male to a 2014 Sex Assault in Lincoln, Ne. If you know who this male is, please leave us a tip here.

Fraudulent Daughter

B9-040224         Date 5-7-19

These two were reportedly at Home Goods where one of them approached the victim and said she needed help reading the Mother’s Day cards.  While the victim was helping her, the other individual stole the wallet from her purse.  The victim’s cards were used at 3 stores around Lincoln and Crete where they  purchased prepaid credit cards.   Video shows these two individuals as suspects.     If you know who they are, leave us a tip here.   Your mother will be proud.  

Pallet Problems

B9-030885     Date: 4-7-19


A business reported a large amount of pallets were stolen overnight.   Surveillance video revealed this truck making numerous trips with stolen pallets.  If you know them leave a tip here.

Cloned Beauty

B9-036458     Date: 4-25-19

The victim was made aware of charges on their card, which they still had.  Someone had stolen their card info and cloned it to a new card.  Video obtained for the transaction showed these two males buying expensive hairdryers from Ulta Beauty and they reportedly  attempted to buy a PS4 from Gamestop.  If you know them leave a tip here

1/6th of a pack

B9-010321          DATE  2-4-19

Walgreens at 13th/O St. reported that a female entered the store, removed one beer from a six pack and left without paying for it.  Video was provided to police that showed this female as the suspect.   If you think you know her, leave a tip,  here!