Smash and Dash

C4-020940          Occurred: 3/10/24

Around 4am in the area of 35th and Cornhusker, this work truck was captured on camera hitting a parked car and driving off. We believe the work truck is a Chevy Silverado, and we’re sharing the video because it had a unique bed rack on the back that may help someone be able to help us identify who drives it or where we might be able to find it. It’s likely going to have some pretty good damage to the back passenger corner of the truck bed. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Suspicious Person

C3-101758          Occurred: 11/12/23

A resident in the area of 2nd/C Street reported seeing a suspicious man on her property. She confronted him at which time he dropped a laptop bag and took off. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Tow Truck

C3-107631           Occurred: 12-2-2023

Walmart off of N 85th St reported these two males shoplifted around $105 worth of items. They were spotted arriving in a 2009 Red Chevrolet Suburban. If you know who they are, say it here! 

BBQ Night

C3-110493          Occurred: 12-12-2023

Super Saver off of N 48th St reported this man wearing a stocking cap walking out with steaks he did not pay for. If you know who this person is, say it here!

Distracted Driving

C4-017374          Occurred: 2/27/24


A vehicle came to a stop near the intersection of 13th and South Street. When the light turned green the vehicle began slowly moving but stopped for pedestrians crossing the street, at which time it was struck by the vehicle shown here, a Lexus ES sedan. We’re asking the community to help us locate this unique vehicle. It’s a white vehicle with a dark colored front right fender. Witnesses said it was being driven by a young black female with braids who was distracted by her phone. If you can help us with this case, say it here!


Dominos Door Opener

C4-003650          Occurred: 1/14/24

The suspect shown here knew the code to the key box at Domino’s Pizza on 48th & Leighton. He helped himself into the building and used some kind of tool to cut the bolts securing the safe to the ground. Once he got the safe loose, he pushed it out a back door and most likely into a waiting vehicle in the alley nearby. He then goes back into the store and grabs a pop before kindly putting the key back, and taking off. If you can help us get this suspect identified, say it here!

Ralph Lauren Run-Out

C4-019496          Occurred: 3/5/24

The suspect shown here went into Dillard’s at Gateway Mall. He walked immediately to a display of Ralph Lauren polos, grabbed  a handful of them, and ran out. If you can help us identify him, say it here!

Bumper Cars

C4-019074          Occurred: 3/3/24

The white pickup truck shown here hit another vehicle in the parking lot at the Super Saver on 48th/O Street and failed to stop and leave their information. Thankfully they were inside the store and Super Saver cameras captured a couple good images of the suspect. If you recognize them or their truck, please say it here!

Shoplifting Routers

C4-019457          Occurred: 3/4/24

Camping World, 6340 Arbor Road, was doing inventory when they found some high dollar routers and other items missing. They reviewed the footage and found these suspects of interest. If you can help us identify them, please say it here!

Penny Pinchers

C4-000047         Occurred: 1/1/24

On January 1st, two suspects were captured outside of Randolph Jewelry and Loan breaking the window to the store. They waited around for about 45 minutes before one of them climbed through the broken window at the front of the store. Once inside, the suspect went back to the coin display and busted it open, taking a handful of coins valued at $1,350. They caused $800 worth of damage to the window as well. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Wandering to the Wash Room

C4-020048          Occurred: 3/7/24

The suspect shown here went into the Sun Tan City near 27th/Superior and asked to apply for a membership. She then asked to use the restroom, and instead of using the restroom, went into an employee-only laundry area and took a purse belonging to the employee. The purse was valued at $2500 and contents inside brought the total loss value up to $3,700. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Identity Theft

C4-014290         Occurred: 1/28/24

The victim in this case reported she got a bill from US Cellular for almost $500 but never had an account with them. She then checked her credit report and discovered another account was opened at Kohl’s with additional charges to that account. If you recognize this suspect that was caught on camera during the transaction at Kohl’s, say it here!

Cowboy, Takeeeeee Me Awayyyyyyyyy 🎵

C4-008713          Occurred: 1/27/24

The victim in this case said he was walking between bars downtown in the area of 7th and Q Streets when one of his friends became verbal with two men in cowboy hats walking down the street. The victim said things escalated and the men in cowboy hats both assaulted him and his friend. If you know who these suspects are, say it here!

It’s a Jeep Thing

C4-014818          Occurred: 2/19/24

On February 19th, a home under construction in the area of 27th and Rokeby Road had a construction trailer stolen from the job site overnight. A nearby neighbor captured Ring video footage of the trailer being hauled off by a light colored Jeep Gladiator around 4:30am. The trailer was ultimately recovered on February 23rd near 40th and Rokeby Road when someone called it in as it had been sitting for multiple days. The lock on the trailer had been broken and it appeared as if someone had gained access, then decided there was nothing of value to them, and ditched it. We’re asking if anybody knows anything about this case to please leave us a tip – say it here!

The Van Life

C4-010354          Occurred: 2/3/24

A kitchen remodeling business in the area of 56th and Nebraska Parkway had two of their vans broken into and tools stolen from the vans. This happened on February 3rd around 4:35am. The suspect, who arrived in a Lincoln Navigator, broke out the window on each van to gain access to the inside. Once inside, the suspect made off with $3,450 worth of tools from the vans. Items stolen varied from a $5 charging cable, to a $500 DeWalt table saw, and various other tools ranging in value. If you know anything about this case, this vehicle, or who our suspect might be – say it here!

Tool Time

C3-108098          Occurred: 12/04/23

Three males went into Bomgaars on 56th/Cornhusker Hwy and walked out with $2,499 worth of power tools. We are looking to identify the first suspect shown in red.  The second suspect (black hood)  and the third suspect (red hood) have been identified.   If you can help us out with the identity of their associate, please say it here!


C4-012220          Occurred: 2/9/24

A garage in the area of 53rd/Roose Street was entered into and several tools were stolen. The items included a weed wacker, chainsaw, leaf blower, hedge trimmer, and other tools. The suspect shown here arrived in the vehicle shown. If you can help identify them, say it here!

Computer Components

C4-009698          Occurred: 1/31/24

The suspect shown here in the Under Armour hoodie went into the IT Computers store near 66th and O Street. He walked around for a bit checking some things out, before walking out with a $2000 graphics card and two computer fans. If you know who this is, say it here!

Yellow Jacket

C3-097608          Occurred: 10-28-23

Super Saver on N 48th reported the suspect shown here put a bottle of Fire Ball under her jacket and walked out of the store without paying for it. If you know this person, say it here!

Snack Time

C3-093608          Occurred: 10-17-23

This suspect pictured here is reported to have walked out of Casey’s on 33rd and Holdrege  with a handful of snacks she didn’t pay for. If you know this person, say it here!