Noisy Nuisance

C3-095891          Occurred: 10/24/23


The victim in this case reported she went to the U-Stop located at 21st and K Street. While there, she reported the suspect shown here was speaking lewdly to her. If you can help us identify her, please say it here!

Off Roadin’

UNL23003951          Occurred: 11/25/23

UNL Police are still trying to get these two individuals identified. They drove onto university property near 33rd and Huntington and tore up the turf “spinning cookies” back in November. They caused quite a bit of damage. If you know who they are, help us out and say it here!

Truck Needs a Band-Aid 🩹

C4-006450          Occurred: 1/22/24

A Chevy Equinox backed into a truck in the parking lot of the Kwik Shop located at 2811 N. 48th Street. This suspect was seen in the store as the driver of the Chevy Equinox. They drove away from the scene of the accident. If you can help us identify him, say it here!


C3-100174          Occurred: 11/06/23


The suspect in the red shoes is reported to have taken two bottles of Rum Chata from the Russ’s Market in Havelock. He arrived with the pictured acquaintance both on bikes. If you can help us get him identified, say it here!

Shattered Window

C3-111641          Occurred: 12/16/23

A window was shattered at Adam and Eve, 4327 O Street, in what appeared to be an attempt to burglarize the store. This person of interest was captured on camera. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Fraud Alert 🚨

C3-107014          Occurred: 11/19/23

The victim in this case got a credit card in the mail that she didn’t apply for. The credit card was researched and it was found to be used at Kohl’s on N. 84th. These two females were captured on camera during that transaction. If you can help us identify them, say it here!

Family Reunion

C3-098924         Occurred:  10-24-23

These five individuals were reported seen shoplifting at Russ’s Market off of 1550 S Coddington Avenue. They were spotted arriving in a dark Ford Expedition.  If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Ding Dong Burglary

C4-013996          Occurred: 2/16/24

This male in the reflective vest was seen on video knocking on the door of a Lincoln residence.   When there was no answer, he walked around back, while a 2006-2015 Mazda CX-9 arrived with two more males who also walked into the backyard.    After burglarizing the residence, the three men walked out front as the Mazda pulled up and left with them.   If you know anything about this case, say it here!


C3-089910          Occurred: 10/05/23

This skateboarder brought his skateboard into the Family Dollar on 24th and N Street. While he was there, he also used a credit card that didn’t belong to him and fraudulently bought $300+ worth of items. He was wearing a Raiders hat. If you recognize this guy or his skateboard, say it here!

Wrong Delivery

C3-103011           Occurred: 11/16/2023

This male was seen taking two packages off a front porch located off of 8200 Vine St.  He is shown wearing a black backpack, with a white sweatshirt and gray sweat pants. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

U-Stop Shenanigans

C3-078004          Occurred: 8/31/2023

A reported shoplift occurred at a U-Stop off of Superior St. These two females were seen entering the store together along with a male driving a black SUV. One of the females walked out with a pack of mini wine bottles.  If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Car Meet

C3-102884          Occurred: 11-16-2023

A 2021 Ram pickup was reported being broken into by 2 individuals. They were seen driving a dark Honda Civic. The items stolen from the vehicle were an IPhone 13 Mini, vehicle registration, and the vehicle manual.   If you know anything about this case, say it here!

A Night Out

C3-101743          Occurred: 11-06-2023

This female was seen taking multiple bottles of alcohol from Super Saver off of N 48th St. She was reported to have arrived in a silver sedan with mismatched wheels and a broken drivers side tail light.  If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Evening Stroll

C3-101419        Occurred: 11-10-23

Someone reported their vehicle, a 2010 Ford F-150, was broken into near 2900 Potter St. This male was recorded walking up the sidewalk up to the vehicle and took a wallet with multiple gift cards inside.   If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Snack Time

C3-094960           Occurred: 10-21-23

Super Saver off of Pine Lake Rd obtained video footage of 2 males and a female suspected of shoplifting a cart full of unpaid groceries.  The female has been identified, but the two males are still unknown.  Can you help us identify the males? If so, say it here!

Christmas Came Early

C3-093818           Occurred: 10-17-23

This female was caught on video by Kohl’s off Superior St. She had possession of a stolen credit card and attempted to buy an IPhone 15 along with a pair of AirPods.  If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Stolen fleet of all sizes

C4-012765                        Occurred: 2-12-24

Monday morning, around 5am, three vehicles were seen blocking a residential street near 56th and Holdrege.   Video surveillance showed there were at least 5 occupants in those 3 vehicles and two of them casually walked around trying to enter vehicles parked in the street.  They stole a pancake air compressor and a box of collectible toy cars from a parked car.     We only were able to get images of the passenger from the SUV stealing  the compressor.  It was later discovered that all 3 cars are consistent with 3 vehicles reported stolen that same night.   A 2006 Red Honda Pilot, with plate ALR963 (still missing.)  A 2016 Red Kia Forte, with plate YYV478 (still missing.)  A 2014 Blue Kia Forte, which was recovered the next evening, abandoned in an apartment complex parking lot at 821 A St.     If you know anything about these car ‘collectors’ or where they keep their items, say it here!

Cutting Corners

C3-108740          Occurred: 12-06-23

These two entered Sally Beauty Supply at 48th and O St.  They attempted to apply for a credit card, but were denied.    They tried to sign up for rewards points.    When the clerk walked away briefly, the male reached behind the counter and stole two professional clippers.    The clippers were Babyliss Pro metal lithium clippers, valued at over $200 each.    The couple ran out to a White SUV that was backed up to the store and fled.      When applying, the couple used the names Jose Zuniga Guzman and Claudia Garcia.   So far, officers have been unable to locate the couple.   If you have any info, say it here!