Stolen Pressure Washer

C3-072799      Occurred:   8-13-2023


This woman entered the WestLake Ace Hardware, and 2600 S. 48th St.   She selected an AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer, put it in a cart and went to the returns counter.   She advised that she was wanted to exchange the item, as if she had previously purchased it.   She selected another brand, then pushed it over to the counter and said she changed her mind and wanted the first one back.   She then left without paying for it.   If you know her, say it here!

Stealing ALOT of Clothing

C3-072798     Occurred:   8-10-2023

This couple entered J.C. Penney’s at Gateway Mall and selected ALOT of Clothing. They met up a couple of times, traded items, then continued shopping. They then left the store without paying, and were last seen on foot. If you know who they are, say it here!

Electric Bike Stolen

C3-071496     Occurred:   8-11-2023

The 12yr old Victim rode his Blk/Grn Hyper Electric Bike to the Casey’s at 4141 S. 48th St.   He parked outside and entered Casey’s, when this man walked out of Casey’s and grabbed the Bike and left the scene.   If you know who he is, help us get the bike back!

Stealing Tools and Ring Doorbell

C3-070799      Occurred:    8-8-2023

This man did some shopping at Menards @ 3500 N. 27th St. He first selected a Black Backpack, and then filled it up tools, electronics, and a Ring Doorbell. He also grabbed some Mountain Dew before skipping the registers and leaving without paying. If you recognize him, say it here!

Attempt to Trade in a Pickup?

C3-070740     Occurred:   8-9-2023

Someone driving this Red Chevrolet Heavy Duty Crew Cab Pickup with Black Rims, pulled into Husker Cadillac @ 6833 Telluride Dr. at about 1:30 am.  The driver then punched in the door locks of two different vehicles on the lot.  Once inside the vehicles they damaged the steering columns in an attempt to start the cars.  The suspect left without success.  If you know who drives this Pickup, tell us here!

Stolen Bike

C3-068788    Occurred:   8-3-2023

The victim parked her bike in front of Mat Talbot @ 2121 N. 27th St. and went inside for about an hour.  When she returned, she found her bike had been taken.  Video evidence shows this man taking the bike.  Help us locate the victim’s bike!   If you recognize him, say it here!

Grocery Shopping & Dash

C3-062506    Occurred:  7-15-2023

These two filled a grocery cart full at the Hy-Vee, 7151 Stacy Ln Blvd, and then hurried out the door without paying.   A third person was apparently waiting in a 2017 Red Kia Sportage SUV, and helped quickly load the un-bagged groceries into the back of the SUV.   If you recognize these shoppers, say it here!

Returning a Fake Apple Watch

C3-062206      Occurred:   7-14-2023

This male took a Packaged Watch and Receipt showing purchase in Omaha, to the Walmart @ 8700 Andermatt Dr. for a Return.  He was given cash, and after he left, the clerk noticed that what was inside the box was not an Apple watch. Do you know this man? Say it here!

Stolen Credit Card Used

C3-059448    Occurred:    7-6-2023

The victim had her Car window broken and Purse dumped at the Holmes Lake Dog Park.   This male used her stolen credit card 5 minutes later at the Walmart @ 8700 Andermatt Dr.   He left in a White Sedan.   If you know who he is, say it here!

UNL Bike Theft

23002332     Occurred:    8-8-2023

A UNL Student’s Silver Specialized Mountain Bike, with Black and Red accents, was locked to a Bike Rack near his dorm.   This unknown male cut the lock and rode off on his bike.   If you recognize him, say it here!

Stealing Large Tools x2 !

C3-075527      Occurred:   8-24-2023

Two white males were shopping for tools at Bomgaars, 56 & Cornhusker Hwy.   They selected Two Large Boxed tools and left without paying.   Two days later, a B/M & W/F tried to return one of the items for cash.   The return was Denied, and they left in an older Silver Sedan, driven by the same W/M in the Hat.   If you recognize any of these persons, say it here!

So Here’s My Number, Call Me Maybe

C3-072268         Occurred: 8/14/23

The victim in this case accidentally left his phone at the end of a checkout stand at the Super Saver on 48th/O Street. Two individuals were seen on camera arriving to the store and taking the phone with them when they left. One of them has been identified, but we still need to figure out who this guy is. Can you help? If so, say it here!

Quick Change Artists

C3-075831     Occurred:  9-9-2023

These two men entered the Hy-Vee at 5020 N. 27th St., to buy $1,000 worth of Gift Cards.   While making the purchase, the two men created a distraction while clerk was counting money and change.  They left with much more than they should have.   If you recognize them, say it here!

Taking Baseball Gloves!

C3-075865     Occurred:  8-25-2023

This guy was observed shopping at Scheel’s, 27 & Pine Lake, with 2 other adults and a child.  Two baseball gloves were selected and secreted inside the backpack he was wearing.  They all left together without paying in a Grey Ford Taurus.   If you recognize him, say it here!

Hydrangea Plant

C3-073342     Occurred:    8-13-2023

Video captured a Pickup with a Ladder Rack, drop off a Male who runs up to the building at 8501 S. 78th and pulls up 3 Hydrangea Plants and drives away.  Do you recognize this Pickup?  Say it here!

Shopping but Not Paying!

C3-071147    Occurred:   8-10-2023

Loss Prevention at Menards @ 3500 N. 27th St. reports these two selecting Flushable Wipes and an Electronic Deadbolt.  The Wipes were then secreted in the Woman’s Bag, and the Deadbolt was secreted in the Man’s Backpack.  They walked out W/O paying. Do you know this couple?  Say it here!

Car Shopping?

C3-071201 Occurred: 8-10-2023

  • Case Cleared !!

The owner of Atlas Auto Sales @ 5545 Cornhusker Hwy, was going to take a recently acquired Ford Mustang to the paint shop for work, but the keys were missing. Checking Video, this guy entered the vehicle and sat in the drivers seat possibly trying to start the vehicle. The car had been disabled, but now he has to have it re-keyed. Do you know this guy? Say it here.

Taking Some Snacks.

C3-070490     Occurred:   8-8-2023

Russ’s Market @ 1709 Washington St. reported that this man selected a box of Granola Bars and some Chocolate milk while shopping.   He opened and began drinking the Milk in store, and walked out the door.   Employee’s tried to stop him and he threw       $2 at them and continued to leave. If you know him, say it here.

Failed to Scan !

C3-067546     Occurred:  7-30-2023

Loss Prevention reports these two adults Failed to Scan a Vacuum  & Deli Chicken at the self check-out.  They left in a White Mazda 6 sedan with a younger boy.   If you know who they are, say it here!

Daddy & Child dual Bike Stolen

C3-075396    Occurred:   8-23-2023

Help find this stolen Gold Trek Mountain bike with Shotgun Childs seat attached, removed from a porch in the 3000 block of Randolph.   Do you know who this unknown Black Male with dreadlocks, and Husker ‘N’ sweat pants is?   If so, say it here

Updating her Wardrobe

C3-076821    Occurred:   8-28-2023


This women was observed shopping at Von Maur at 29th & Pine Lake.  Employees saw her take numerous clothing items into a dressing room, and then leaving with only 2 pairs of pants, but her Purse appeared much fuller.  Employees checked the dressing room which was empty, and tried to stop the woman from leaving.  She left in a Black Nissan Frontier pickup, without paying for the items in her purse.  If you know her, say it here!

Bike Stolen from Back Yard!

C3-077865   Occurred:   8-22-2023

Victim’s bike was stolen overnight from their backyard in the 4000 block of Touzalin Ave.   Taken was a Black Hyper Men’s 26″ Mountain-bike.   Video shows this guy entering their yard.   Help us get her bike back!   Do you know this guy?   If so, say it here!

Cut Bike’s chain from Porch!

C3-078240    Occurred:   9-1-2023

This man cut the chain lock from the porch in the 5000 Block of Hartley, and took a Black/Neon Green Schwinn Men’s Ranger Bike. He apparently noticed the camera.   Perhaps you know who he is and can help us recover the Bike.  If so, say it here