Double Credit Card Fraud

C2-073320          Occurred: 7/31/22

Orscheln Farm and Home was notified by Mastercard that one of their credit cards had been used fraudulently. These two men were captured on camera responsible for two visits totaling $1,600 worth of merchandise. If you know who they are, say it here!

Bathroom Break

C2-063937          Occurred: 7/22/22

The victim in this case reported she was in the bathroom at Longwell’s when she was assaulted by an unknown female who hit her in her neck. If you know who this suspect above is, say it here!

Whoopsie Daisy 🌼

C2-069516          Occurred: 8/7/22

A report was made that a small gray car hit a blue pickup truck that was parked near S. 22nd/Euclid. The driver of the vehicle got out after the accident to inspect his car and then got back in and drove off. If you know anything about this accident, say it here!

Walmart Vizit

C2-021811          Occurred: 3/17/22

Staff at Walmart on Jamie Lane reported some people came into the store and were messing around: riding bikes, shooting bow and arrows at TV displays, and other obnoxious behaviors. They were ushered out, and ultimately the female in the pink ran out with a Vizio sound bar. If you know who she is, say it here!

Parking Lot Prowlers

UNL22000196          Occurred: 1/22/22

The parking lot at Schramm Hall had some visitors overnight who prowled around and took items from unlocked vehicles. They arrived in the sedan shown on the right. If you know anything about this case, say it here!


C2-021612          Occurred: 3/17/22

A white minivan with Florida plates was seen on camera stopping at Ideal Pure Water on N. 57th Street Circle. A male got out of the van and examined the inside of the mailbox. There was nothing in it, so he then left. If you know who this man is, say it here!


C2-027307          Occurred: 4/4/22

An employee at Destination XL on 48th/O Street was helping another customer when these two came into the store and stuffed a pair of Reebok sweat pants into a purse. They left in a white sedan, possibly a Chrysler 300. If you know who these two are, say it here!

Free Ride

C2-015960          Occurred: 2/26/22


The individual shown above asked for a cab ride from the Motel 6 near the airport to the Burger King on 48th/Van Dorn. When she exited, she informed the driver she didn’t have money to pay and left. She got into the passenger side of a stolen red Chevy Cruze at the Burger King. If you know who this person is, say it here!

Casing for Catalytic Converters

C2-017887         Occurred: 3/3/22

Employees at an auto shop near the 1600 block of North Cotner reported a suspicious green Chevy Blazer that seemed to be casing out a truck on their lot. The driver saw employees at the shop still and was spooked away. The employees later found the catalytic converter to be cut off that truck. If you know anything about this green Blazer and who drives it, help us out and say it here!

Laundry Loot

C2-019373          Occurred: 3/8/22

The victim in this case was doing laundry at the U-Suds near 27th/F when her laundry was taken from the dryer. Video shows the female above removing her items and taking them with her. If you know anything about the missing laundry, say it here!

Multi-Level Manipulation

C2-033925          Occurred: 4/24/22

The two women shown above went to the Home Depot on N. 27th in Lincoln. They selected two plants from the outside display and returned them as if they had paid for them. They were granted a gift card for store credit for the bushes. On their way out, they grabbed a $259 Ryobi blower backpack system. When questioned at the door if they had paid for it, they stated they did an exchange at the service desk. They left in the Chevy Impala shown with damage. If you know who these two are, say it here!

Violated Visa

C2-041725          Occurred: 5/17/22

A larceny from auto occurred and this suspect was seen on camera at Walmart (Andermatt Drive) using stolen credit cards from that incident. If you recognize this person, say it here!

Milwaukee Madness

C2-041300           Occurred: 5/13/22

The three above individuals went into the Home Depot on 70th/Hwy 2 and ran out with tools as shown in the images. They left in a burgundy colored SUV. If you know who any of these folks are, say it here!

Back Door Disappearance

C2-035602          Occurred: 4/30/22

Family Dollar near 24th/ N Street reported to police they had had a few back door alarms. Video was reviewed and on at least one occasion captured this man sneaking out with cartons of cigarettes. If you know who this is, help us identify him: say it here!

Timed Tequila Mission

C2-035618          Occurred: 4/30/22

Employees at Casey’s gas station near 70th and Adams reported the man shown above came into the store, and within 12 seconds, shoplifted alcohol by stuffing it into his pockets, under his jacket, and under his arm. If you know who this fast-fella is, say it here!

Pocket Chicken

C2-016694          Occurred: 2/28/22

Russ’s Market on Coddington/West A Street reported the individual above pocketed a 6-piece chicken tender and walked out of the store without paying for it. Say it here if you recognize them!

Doggonit! 🐶

C2-003676          Occurred: 1/14/22

The victim in this case was at the dog park when her purse was stolen out of her vehicle. The man above was captured on surveillance using her credit card. He made off with a purchase of $2,000 at Best Buy. If you know who this is, say it here!

Ring, Ring!

C2-043802          Occurred: 5/24/22

The victim in this case was charging his phone at the Matt Talbot kitchen when it went missing. Video was reviewed and showed this male believed to be responsible for taking it. If you know who he is, say it here!

Card Declined! 💳

C2-039116          Occurred: 5/10/22

These three women were up to no good at Gateway Mall this day. You’ll notice another case posted where they went into the staff area of Dry Goods and stole employees wallets. They did the same at Eddie Bauer, and attempted to use a stolen credit card, but it was declined. Do you know who these women are? Say it here!


C2-041636          Occurred: 5/18/22

The car shown above was caught on camera at the HyVee gas station, 52nd/O, during a gas drive off. The driver was described as a white male, late 20’s or early 30’s, around 6 foot, slender muscular build with facial hair. If you know who our suspect might be, say it here!

Fraud Alert! 🚨

C2-040418            Occurred: 5/14/22

The victim in this case went for a run near 84th/Fremont when his wallet was stolen from his car. His credit card was used at a Lincoln Walmart for over $800, and the suspect above is believed to be responsible for that transaction. If you know who he is, say it here!


C2-041082          Occurred: 5/16/22

An elderly woman was shopping at the HyVee near 40th/Old Cheney when one of the men above distracted her asking a question about buttered popcorn. While doing so, the other man swooped in and took her wallet from her purse. Thankfully she was able to cancel her cards before they were able to use them. If you know who these two are, say it here!


C2-043071          Occurred: 5/21/22

A vehicle in the area of 24th/Van Dorn was entered into overnight. The suspect took a purse, sunglasses, and a debit card. The debit card was later used at McDonald’s near 21st/K Street. This suspect was shown to be responsible for using the debit card. If you know who he is, say it here!


C2-029617          Occurred: 4/12/22

A car was rummaged through near Wesleyan campus. Cameras captured the suspect above who made out with $200 cash from the vehicle. If you know who this is, say it here!

Washed Wallet

C2-022983          Occurred: 3/21/22

The victim in this case was washing his vehicle at the car wash near 33rd/O Street when he dropped his wallet inside the wash bay. The female shown above is seen on camera picking up his wallet and heading to the apartments to the north of the car wash. If you know who she is, say it here!

Tree Trauma

UNL22001286          Occurred: 5/4/22

A newly planted tree on UNL campus was damaged near Sheldon Art Gallery. Video was reviewed and this suspect was seen carrying part of the tree. If you know who this is, say it here!