Twice is Not Nice

C2-020605          Occurred: 3/14/22

A resident in the area of N. 71st and Adams had a group of individuals attempt to steal the catalytic converter off her car. Unfortunately her catalytic converter was stolen off her car in January and she hasn’t had it fixed yet, so there was no catalytic converter left for them to steal. They left in a gray pickup truck. If you know anything about this group of individuals, say it here!

🚨 Fraud Alert 🚨

C2-020099/C2-020101          Occurred: 3/10/22

The victim in this case had her car window broken out at the gym and her purse was stolen. The suspects used a credit card from the purse at Staples on 49th and O to purchase gift cards. They also used one of the cards at Target on 48th/O (C2-020101). If you know who these suspects are, say it here!

Red Jumpsuit

C2-020136          Occurred: 3/12/22

The cashier at Walgreens, 815 N. 27th, was checking out a customer when the male shown above walked past her with a basket of goods and left the store without paying for them. He was wearing red pants and a red jacket. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Wandering Wallet

C2-020205          Occurred: 3/12/22


A customer at Walmart forgot her wallet at a register and it wandered away. A review of video surveillance showed the above male scoop it up and put it in his cart under a jacket. He left with a woman and small child. They were reported to leave in a dark colored SUV. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Cigarettes and Beer

C2-017171          Occurred: 3/2/22

An employee at Stop and Shop, 48th/Garland, reported an individual came into the store and walked out with a carton of cigarettes and a six-pack of beer. He got into the front passenger seat of an older model white Pontiac sedan. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!


C2-013182          Occurred: 2/16/22

This male was seen to enter Scheels and check out the sneakers.  He found a pair and walked them around the store for a while.   When he is seen SNEAKing out the front doors, you can see the new SNEAKers on his feet…and the old SNEAKers were left in the box.   If you know who these suspects are, help us out and say it here!

Watch Your Wallets

C2-008249          Occurred: 1/31/22

The victim in this case was shopping at HyVee (40th/Old Cheney) when she walked away from her cart for a brief moment and her wallet went missing. One of her credit cards was used quickly at a nearby Target location for over $1,300. HyVee reviewed video from the store and located the two men above as supects, and Target was able to confirm with additional images. A HyVee employee was familiar with them from an earlier incident that day where they tried to push a cart full of groceries out of the store without paying for them. They were deterred and left the cart of groceries behind. If you know who these suspects are, help us out and say it here!

Purs-uing the Area

C2-005927            Occurred: 1/23/22

An employee at Greenfield’s Restaurant near S. 87th/Hwy 2 reported her wallet missing from her purse during her shift. Cameras were reviewed and a suspicious male was seen wandering around staff areas. One staff member caught him and asked him to leave before noticing the wallet was taken. If you know who this suspect is, help us out and say it here!

🚨 F-450 Flatbed Truck: STOLEN 🚨

C2-032444          Occurred: 4/19/22

Judds Brothers Construction, N. 68th/Seward Avenue, had a truck stolen from their secure lot. Video shows a car pull up to the gate of the property around 4:30am. A person was then seen on camera walking in the lot towards the truck. The person uses the truck to ram the gate of the business to exit with the truck, and in doing so, the gate flew open and also broke a window on the property. Lincoln, help us keep an eye out for this Ford F-450 flatbed truck (sample image provided). If you see it around town, say it here!

Someone Was In Here 👀

C2-010871          Occurred: 2/8/22

A resident in the area of S. 39th/F Street reported a burglary overnight. She said she went to bed around 11pm, ensuring her doors were locked. When she woke up around 3am, she noticed a door to her house was unlocked and her vehicle had been broken into with items inside damaged and rummaged through. She said all the cabinets in her house were open and her purse and keys were missing. When she checked her credit card, she found a purchase had been made at Kwik Shop on 44th/O. Lincoln Police followed the trail to this Kwik Shop and observed the above male on camera responsible for the transaction. He was wearing sunglasses on his head backwards and arrived in a Ford Windstar or similar minivan. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

T-Mobile Burglary

C2-028964          Occurred: 4/10/22

T-Mobile located near S. 28th and Pine Lake Road captured a burglary in progress. By the time police arrived to the alarm the suspect was already gone. They were in and out in a matter of minutes. The suspect gained access to the building by throwing a large rock through the front door glass. They made off with just under $7,000 worth of products. If you know anything about this burglary, help us out and say it here!

Yikes 👀

C2-029292          Occurred: 4/9/22

The catalytic converter problem in Lincoln hit a whole new level around 3:30am on this particular Saturday morning. A suspect riding on a bike with a tire jack in his backpack rode into a city parking lot just across the street from one of our police stations and cut the catalytic converter off a Lincoln Police Department issued vehicle. Due to the damage, an entirely new exhaust system had to be installed on the car at a cost of almost $3,000. If you know who this suspect is that carries around a tire jack in their backpack, say it here!

Bike Trail Break-In

C2-012039          Occurred: 2/12/22

The victim in this case parked at the MoPac Trailhead on 600 S. 84th Street to go for a run. When he received a call his cards were being use fraudulently, he returned to his vehicle to find someone had smashed out the front passenger window and taken his wallet. One of the transactions occurred at Walgreens on 70th/O Street which captured the suspect above on camera. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Bike Swap

UN22000452          Occurred: 2/5/22

A student at UNL reported his bike was stolen from the bike racks near 17th/Arbor Drive. A review of surveillance footage showed this suspect who arrived on a black bike and swapped it for the victim’s bike, cutting it free from a lock it was secured with. Upon review of surveillance, the suspect was observed to ride off and grab another bike, leaving with two different bikes than they arrived on. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Fraud Alert! 🚨

C1-115462          Occurred: 12/08/21

The victim in this case had someone enter into her garage while it was opened and take her wallet. Her credit cards were used around Lincoln. These images are from G&G Smoke Shop near 27th and Randolph where one of the cards was used. If you recognize these suspects, say it here!

Night Biking

C2-009759          Occurred: 2/5/22

A resident in the area of S. 16th/Sioux Street discovered her car door open and items missing from her car. A review of her video surveillance showed a suspect arriving on bike. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Smash and Grab

C2-010725          Occurred: 2/8/22

The victim in this case was parked at Mahoney Park while he went for a run. When he returned to his vehicle, he noticed the front passenger window had been broken out and his wallet missing. Several of his cards had already been used by the time he made this discovery. One purchase was made at Target, 48th/O. The above suspects were present on camera during that transaction. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Beats 🔊

C2-011724          Occurred: 2/11/22

A vehicle was parked at a business near 21st/Cornhusker when someone took items out of it: an aftermarket stereo system and an amplifier. The suspect vehicle is shown above. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Fake ID

C2-008750           Occurred: 2/1/22

An employee at N Street Liquor, 1801 O Street, was suspicious of an out of state ID presented to him for the purchase of alcohol. He held onto the ID for police to arrive to check it, but the suspect took off. Police confirmed the ID did not appear to be valid. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Not Today

C2-016436         Occurred: 2/8/22

An employee at Home Depot (27th/Cornhusker) was paying good attention when a man came into the store and attempted to walk out with a leaf blower. The employee confronted him and he dropped it and left. The employee tried to get his license plate number but said his vehicle was too dirty so he was unable to read it. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Tool Time 🔧🔨

C2-016382          Occurred: 2/28/22

A business was unloading a trailer in the area of S. 29th/Channel Drive when the above vehicle stopped at the trailer. The employees were in the backyard of the residence when two people exited the SUV and took tools out of the trailer. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Weird Behavior

UN22000912           Occurred: 4/6/22

A female employee at Subway inside Nebraska Union (14th/R) reported she was in the back room when she heard noise up front. She went to the front and found the above male crouched on the countertop as if he was going to jump over. She yelled at him, he took a step back, and jumped down. He then pointed his cell phone towards her and said “I’m here to teach you about sexual activity and sexual awareness.” and insisted she read what he was displaying on his phone. The victim said all that was on his phone was a thread of text messages. If you know who this suspect is, help us out and say it here!

Catalytic Converter Cutoff

C2-031503          Occurred: 4/17/22

Morris Auto, 3820 N. 27th, had two catalytic converters cut off of their cars in the early hours of Sunday, May 17th. The suspect shown above (both night vision and full color) was seen on camera crawling around the vehicles with power tools. If you know who this is, say it here!

Night Bandits

C2-007157          Occurred: 4/25/22

A vehicle was seen driving up a residential street and back down.  Three individuals were then seen in video to run up the victim’s driveway and a few minutes later they ran back to the vehicle.    The next morning, the victim found his Catalytic Convertor was missing.   If you have any idea who is doing this type of activity, please  say it here!

U-Hauled Off Our Trucks

C2-031460          Occurred: 4/17/22

Diamond Storage located near 4th/Hill had two U-Haul trucks stolen from their business. The suspect shown above came just an hour or so before and cut off the key boxes that contained the keys to those U-Haul trucks. If you know anything about this case, say it here!


C2-028794          Occurred: 4/9/22

A resident in the area of 18th/P returned to his apartment to find someone inside. The person took off with a trash can filled with electronic items from the apartment. Cameras captured the suspect shown above. If you know who this is, say it here!

Aftermarket Bar Light

C2-024143          Occurred: 3/25/22

A pickup truck was stolen from Dillon’s Auto located at 6521 N. 28th Street. It was located not too far away in the parking lot of the Motel 6 next door. Video from Motel 6 showed the suspect arrived in the pickup shown above. It’s a GMC with an aftermarket light bar on the front grill that lights up pretty bright. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!


C2-023298          Occurred: 3/22/22

The victim in this case was shopping at HyVee near S. 40th and Old Cheney when she noticed her wallet missing. Her cards were quickly used at Walmart near S. 27th and Yankee Hill for around $3000. Video from Walmart showed the suspect in the black vest making the transaction, while his associate in the black and white hoodie distracts the self-checkout staff with a pretend transaction of clothing he later abandons at the checkout station. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

That was Cold

C2-021442         Occurred: 3/16/22

A neighbor in the 1000 block of Claremont noticed the air conditioning unit missing from the house next to him. Video was located showing a black truck pulling up to the house and driving off with the air conditioning unit. The truck appears to be an older model Ford F-150. If you know anything about this case, say it here!