Illegal Withdrawl!!

C1-100244                                   Occurred: 10-12-2021

Union Bank reported that this individual pulled up to one of the drive thru lanes and managed to complete a withdraw from the victim’s account. The victim had reported her bank cards and ID being taken from her vehicle earlier in the day, but the bank was not aware.  If you recognize this vehicle or the driver, please Say It Here!

Hit and Drive Away!

C!-096548                                   Occurred: 10-11-2021

This is a distinctive vehicle with multiple colors (red front bumper and a white truck bed and dark hood)  lost control on a turn at 31st and O Streets. It struck a house and then a billboard! If anyone knows who this pickup might belong to, please let us know and Say It Here!

Made Off Moped!

UNL 21003027                          Occurred: 10-04-2021

UNL Police are looking for help in identifying this person who drove off with a Moped from the 3600 block of Apple!  If anyone knows who this individual might be, please Say It Here!

Who Might This Be?

C1-080248                                 Occurred: 08-27-2021

This person with the two tone hoodie is suspected of breaking into a number of cars in the 30th and Orchard Street area.  If anyone knows who this person might be by his stylish attire, please let us know and Say It Here!

No More Walking For Me!

UNL 21002643                         Occurred: 09-09-2021

UNL Police are looking for your help in identifying this person who apparently got tired of walking!  This person is suspected of stealing a bicycle from the area of The Village at 1055 North 16th Street.  Know who this unknown person might be?  Say It Here!

Against The Rules!

C1-086350                                 Occurred: 09-13-2021

This individual broke the rules of the game!  He walked into FAST MART at 32nd and A Streets and opened one of the skill games with a key.  He removed cash from the machine and walked out of the store.  Turns out, he was NOT the authorized game representative!  If anyone recognizes this person, Say It Here!

Hi, How Can I Help You?

C1-109210                       Occurred: 11/18/21

On Thursday, November 18th, security footage captured a suspect entering into A&T Auto on NW 8th and Cornhusker. The owner says nothing was found to be taken, but they are unsure who this person is and why they have interest in their business. If you can assist with identifying this suspect, please say it here!

Trailer Take-Off

C1-119164                          Occurred: 12/18/21

The victim in this case left his trailer parked at the old Village Inn on N. 27th and Cornhusker Highway. In the early morning hours of December 18th, this pickup was captured on camera moving a smaller trailer out of the way to take off with the larger trailer. It’s still missing and we’d like to help the victim get it back. If you know anything helpful to solving this case, please say it here!

Liquor Store Lift!

C1-102630                                   Occurred: 10-29-2021

The above pair entered Jimmy’s Liquor & Tobacco and “shopped” around.  As you can see, the female half of the pair, conceals a bottle of alcohol in her shorts and then both leave with the male purchasing a case of bear.  We would like to talk to both about the missing bottle of Southern Comfort.  If you know who either of these two are, please Say It Here!

Attention Shoppers!

C1-098625                                  Occurred: 10-17-2021


This individual walked into Walmart and made some purchases via a credit card.  The only problem was that the credit card was stolen!  Please take a look at this individual!  He has very distinctive tattoos on his hands.  If you know who this might be, please Say It Here!

Is That A……. ??

C1-112735                                Occurred: 11-25 to 11-30-2021

Double H General contracting stated that this person damaged their property after they entered the fenced in area of their property.  In the picture, it appears he is carrying a pan like item that possibly might have been used to carry paint that had been splashed about the property.  If anyone has the idea who the person in blue carrying a pan is, please Say It Here!

That’s My Phone!!

C1-113265                                    Occurred: 12-01-2021

The victim in this case reported she laid her cell phone down by a register she was working at in Dollar Tree. She said that someone picked it up while she had stepped away.  This circled individual may have been the one to pick it up. If you recognize who that might be, please Say It Here! 

Why Do This??

C1-110992                                    Occurred: 11-24-2021

Lincoln Concrete Specialist reported that this individual cut a hole in a garage door and then rummaged through the building.  He damaged items inside , yet did not take any items after going through the entire building.  There were similar related burglaries possibly associated with this person. If anyone knows who this might be, please Say It Here!

Scheels Shopping??

C1-116795                                    Occurred: 12-09-2021

Scheels reported that this individual came in and picked up 3 sweatshirts and went into the changing room.  She came out with allegedly two tucked away in her bag and one under her sweatshirt. She walks out the doors without making an effort to pay for them.  She leaves in a white Toyota Corolla.  If anyone recognizes her, please Say It Here!  


C1-116791                                    Occurred: 12-12-2021

These two went into Home Depot and the male was waving a drill bit that he allegedly wanted to find a replacement for.  He and his female partner shopped around the store, finally loading up on an assorted amount of Milwaukee tools to the tune of $530 dollars.  If anyone recognizes these two, please Say It Here!

Too Much!!

C1-114765                                    Occurred: 12-01-2021

Employees with HyVee at 50th and O Street, reported that this female was possibly with a male already identified who shoplifted  items out of the store.  If anyone can identify this party, we would like to talk to her regarding the incident. She and the male left in a new blue four door similar to the vehicle pictured above.  Anyone who might know who it is, please Say it Here!

It’s Mine!

C1-109875                        Occurred: 11-20-2021

Best Buy reported that these two individuals were shopping for GPS devices.  The each had baskets full of the items.  The individual in the blue/white and red coat dropped his and ran while the other made it outside and pulled away.  Both ran towards a white 4 door car which was driven by an unknown  person.  If anyone happens to recognize the people or the car, Say It Here!!

Why Didn’t You Stop??

C1-112234                                    Occurred: 11-28-2021

This person was driving a vehicle that struck another in the parking lot of Russ’s Market on S. 33rd.  The victim was pulling in to a stall when above vehicle and driver backed into her.  If you know who the person is or who owns the vehicle, please Say It Here!

That’s Not Me!

C1-103665                                Occurred: 10-14-2021

The victim in this case reported that an unknown person was using a credit card he didn’t know he had!  This person used the card that is in the victim’s name at Home Depot to the tune of $745 dollars.  If anyone recognizes the above pictured person, please, Say It Here!


Who Am I??

C1-113610                                    Occurred: 12-02-2021

The Victim in this case reported that unknown persons were charging items to his Brinks debit card.  The above people may be involved in the use of the cards.  If you recognize either of them, please Say It Here!

You’re Not Supposed to Be Here!!

C1-114654                                  Occurred: 12-01-2021

Morning Hope has been experiencing some vandalism and trespassing recently.  This individual entered their fenced in area in the back of the business and ripped a sign off the fence that indicated the area was under video surveillance.  This person has been in the victim’s restricted, fenced areas more than once. If you recognize the individual, please Say It Here!

Car Gone!

C1-117643                                     Occurred: 12-16-2021

The victim had his car warming up outside when the suspects in the dark colored SUV drive by and see it running.  The SUV turns around and pulls up beside the running car.  A passenger gets out of the SUV and hops into the victim’s vehicle and drives off! If anyone knows who the SUV might belong to or who the driver/passengers are, Say It Here!

Afterhours Shopping?

C1-116716                                     Occurred: 12-11-2021

The project manager for a construction company working in the area of the 7300 Block of Willowbrook reported that these two individuals climbed the fence into the project area and wandered around and then left.  The next night, a red Hilti chop saw was taken from the site.  We would like to talk to these two about the missing saw.  If anyone knows who they might be, Say It Here!


UNL 21003479                           Occurred: 11-08-2021

UNL police were contact about a missing catalytic converter theft.  Their cameras captured this individual removing the catalytic converter from the vehicle.  Can anyone help UNL Police out by telling them who this is?  Let’s make this catastrophe a cleared case.  Anyone with information, please Say It Here!


Just Add Milk!

C1-110235                                     Occurred: 11-21-2021

Russ’s Market at 17th and Washington reported that this individual walked into the store and began shopping,  He put various items into his cart for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  He then put these items in his backpack.  He does pay for a half gallon of milk however and then leaves the store.  Anyone recognize this shopper?  If you do, please Say It Here!


Cards Gone, Gone, Gone!

C1-109414                                Occurred: 11-19-2021

The victim reported that someone had removed her phone and wallet from her vehicle as she was dropping her children off at daycare,.  Later that same day, the above female attempted to make a $825 dollar purchase at Walmart and withdraw money (with no luck) from a bank.,  If anyone knows who this might be, please let us know by Saying It Here!

Fight! Fight!

C1-092884                                  Occurred: 10-01-2021

This fight was quick, but there were still a couple of people injured.  If anyone recognizes the person in the orange and grey or the person wearing the white top and black pants, please let us know.  Also if you know any of the witnesses, that would be helpful!  So, if anyone knows something of this case, please Say It Here!

Who’s Knocking??

C1-109996                                  Occurred: 11-20-2021

The victim, who lives in the area of the 7800 block of Sycamore Dr. reported that these two individuals ran up to the door and began to “mule kick ” it.  She looked out and saw them kicking the door and run to a dark colored sedan.  There was a rash of these types of incidents during the third week of November..  Know who these people might be?  Heard of others doing this?  Please let us know and Say It Here!

Who Am I??

C1-102809                                     Occurred: 10-30-2021

The victim reported that this person was no treat to deal with.  The victim reported that she was struck by the individual at least twice in the vehicle they had been in.  She stated that she only knew his first name.  If anyone recognizes this individual, please Say It Here!


C1-091834                                   Occurred: 09-29-2021

The victim reported that her wallet was taken while shopping in one of the stores here in Lincoln.  She said that her credit/debit cards were later used at Walmart to the tune of $3000!  The people above are allegedly the ones that used the cards to shop with.  Anyone know who they are?  If so, Say It Here!