Early/Late for an Appointment?

C1-094078                                  Occurred: 10-05-2021

This individual must have been a little early for a hair cut!  She entered a open front door of a barber shop belonging to the victim.  She doesn’t take anything, but does video the shop and then leaves.  Unfortunately, the subject did trespass and we need to talk with her about it! If you know who this is, Say It Here!

You Got This Where??

C1-089506                                  Occurred: 09-22-2021

This individual attempted to pass a forged check at one of our local banks.  The sharp bank teller realized something was off and threw the red flag.  The subject left without getting any money.  Help us figure out who it is!  Hint (It is NOT the person on the ID she used!!) If you know who this is, share and Say It Here!

Hit It By That Much!

C1-099012                                    Occurred: 10-18-2021

The Hy-Vee at 5010 O was the scene of this Hit and Run.  The driver of the pick-up pulled into the lot and struck the parked victim’s vehicle causing damage.  The driver, pictured above, needs to be contacted to explain the damage. If there is anyone who knows the suspect, please Say It Here!

Skilled Games, Money Gone!

C1-083126                                        Occurred: 09-04-2021

DeLeon’s on South 27th reported that these three individuals entered the store and opened the skill machines with a key and removed money.  They clerk did not think anything of it as people are in and out of those games often.  If anyone recognizes any of these three people, please Say It Here!

Bike Missing

UNL 21002552                         Occurred:  08-06-2021

UNL Police would like your help with some bike thefts.  These two individuals are suspected of taking other bicycles as well as this one.  This is related to another case being worked by Lincoln Police, C1-074147.  If you know either of these two people, Say It Here!

My Shoes!!

C1-084815                                   Occurred: 09-07-2021

Scheels reported that this Shoe Shopper located his desired pair of shoes and a hat.  He got to the checkout area and handed the shoes back to an unknown female and paid for the hat.  They walked out a different exit and neglected to pay for the shoes.  If you know who this shoe shopper might be, Say It Here!

Who Am I??

C1-091984                                   Occurred: 09-29-2021

The victim in this case had someone use an old out of state driver’s license to withdraw money from her account.  The female above provided the victim’s old ID (which had her maiden name on it) and her social security number.  The clerk at the bank then gave her the money.  If anyone knows who this might be, please Say It Here!

No More Walking!

UNL 21003137                           Occurred: 10-13-2021

The victim reported this mobile person decided walking was no longer for him and he removed the victim’s bike and rode off with it.  If anyone knows who this subject might be, UNL Police would like your help!  If you know this person, Say It Here!

Grainy Grabber!

UNL 21002943                           Occurred: 09-29-2021

The victim in this case reported that this person removed their bike from the rack and rode off on it from the area of Selleck Quad.  UNL Police are asking for your help!  If you know who this grainy bike grabber is, Say It Here!

The Unknown Driver!

C1-102179                                    Occurred: 10-28-2021

The Owner of Marcus Trailers reported that this car came into the lot during the overnight hours.  They backed into a trailer causing damage.  Do you know who this car might belong to or who drives it?  If so, Say It Here!

Dog Days!!!!

C1-097989                                   Occurred: 10-15-2021

The victim in this case reported her wallet stolen from her vehicle after she parked at the Holmes Lake Dog Run.  As she was out with her dog, she received notifications that her cards were being used.  The person shown above used one of the cards at Target on South 56th Street.  If anyone knows who the person is, Say It Here!

Porch Pirate Pandemonium!

C1-107082                                    Occurred: 11-11-2021

The victim in this case reported that this individual walked up to his porch, took two packages that he had been expecting and then walked away with another unknown white male.  We would like to speak with this individual about his perchance to purloin packages!  If anyone knows who this suspect is, Say It Here!

Walking Pack

UNL Case# 21002806

A student had their backpack stolen from a restroom in Love Library.  This female is a suspect in the theft as she is seen walking away with it in surveillance video.   If you can identify this suspect, please contact UNLPD or Say It Here to leave a tip for Crime Stoppers.

Clipped Catalytic Converter!

C1-085045                                  Occurred: 09-07-2021

This individual pulled up in his silver Jeep Liberty (note the hood damage) into the lot of NIFCO Mechanical Systems at 500 Blue Heron Drive.  A person is seen exiting the vehicle and going into the lot.  The same person is seen leaving with what appears to be a catalytic converter.  The victim reported that the company was missing a converter from one of their vehicles.  If anyone recognizes this vehicle, please Say It Here!

Disturbing Behavior!

C1-081916                                     Occurred: 09-01-2021

This individual entered the Super C at 745 S. 21st Street.  He had with him a small dog and was told he needed to leave it outside.  He said it was a support animal, but the clerk still requested the dog stay outside.  The individual became upset and called the clerk numerous names and disturbed her peace.  If anyone knows who this might be, please Say It Here.

Trailer Towed!

C1-082273                                  Occurred: 08-22-2021

These person were last seen near a trailer belonging to the victim that was parked in a lot at 110 West Fletcher.  The individual in the blue shirt sit by the trailer for some time.  A Chevy Trailblazer pulls up and an unknown male hooks up the trailer and leaves the area with it in tow.  We would like to speak with this  individual regarding the theft.  If anyone knows who this person is, Say It Here!

Rinds Ran Off

C1-054685            Occurred: 6-16-2021

The A st Market at 33rd and A st provided us with video of this suspect going into the store and taking some pork rinds and a drink before running off without paying.  The suspect left in a van with another person driving.  If you know this pork Rind Runner say it here.

Beer Garden Heist

C1-091296            Occurred: 9-27-2021

Duffy’s at 14th and O st had 3 of their TV’s disappear from the beer garden.  The good news is that the suspect was caught on camera loading them into his car that looks to be a silver 4 dr car.  If you know the suspect responsible for this Beer Garden Heist say it here.

Wallet Walk Away

C1-086319            Occurred: 9-13-2021

After visiting the Walmart on N 27th and trying to pay for items at HyVee the victim in this case realized their wallet was missing and had somehow just walked away.  These suspects are seen on video attempting to make several purchases at Walmart with the cards found in the Walked Away Wallet.  If you know them or their vehicle say it here.

Roll me Away

C1-086416            Occurred: 9-14-2021

This suspect helped themselves to a set of tires and rims that were being stored on a flatbed truck in the 7300 block of Husker Circle and then Rolled away in this red pickup truck.  If you known this suspect or their vehicle say it here.

Helping hand

C1-065942            Occurred: 7-16-2021

The victim here got a Helping Hand from an unknown male that claimed she’d lost $20 from her wallet, then helpfully put a $20 in her wallet for her with his own hands.  Wisely the victim quickly checked her wallet but not quite quick enough.  This female suspect is believed to have attempted several bogus charges on the victim’s credit cards.  If you know the people behind this Helping Hand say it here.

Cut off Cat

C1-064469            Occurred: 7-10-2021

Several catalytic converters were cut off various vehicles in the area of 3400 block of Cleveland and luckily one of the businesses caught a suspect on camera.  Help bring this Cut off Cat suspect and case to a close.  If you know this person or their vehicle say it here.

Cards and a truck


On Sept 6th these two individuals were seen at Scheels on surveillance video.  They attempted to charge approximately $1,000 worth of merchandise on 3 different cards, but they were all denied as they were reported stolen.   They left in a 2004 Chevy Silverado  pickup that was also found to have been reported stolen.   The pickup was later recovered at NW 24th and W Q St, in a dead end road.   If you can identify these suspects, please contact LPD or Say It Here to leave a tip for Crime Stoppers.

Oh, the Lime Green!!

C1-093831                                   Occurred: 10-04-2021

How this person did not think he would be noticed is amazing!  This individual entered the Home Depot on North 27th and selected three commonly stolen items.  He hid in an aisle and then put the tools into some Home Depot bags he brought with him and then walked out the garden entrance without paying.  Loss Prevention approached him but he ran away.  If you recognize this lime green lifter, please Say It Here!

Rented For FREE!

C1-097093                                     Occurred: 10-12-2021

This industrious individual entered the fenced lot at United Rentals at 3900 S. 8th Street.  He enters, or attempts to enter, numerous vehicles in the area as well.  He gains entry into a United Rental’s F250 Ford and drives through the fence.  Total loss and damage is estimated at $33,000 dollars.  If you know who this might be or have information with regards to the vehicle, please Say It Here!

Credit Gone Bad!

C1-083705                                   Occurred: 09-06-2021

The victim in this case set her purse down on a stool at Hubby’s Timeout Bar.  When she returned, she found her purse missing.  This individual is seen in the video walking up to the purse and taking it out of the bar.  If anyone knows  who this sly suspect is, Say It Here!

In the Pink!

C1-088042                                  Occurred: 09-18-2021

The Kwik Shop at 2330 North 1st reported that this person in pink came into the store and wandered around and then grabbed two large bottles of Jack Daniels Fireball Whiskey and ran out of the store.  If anyone know who is pretty in pink, please Say It Here!

Bad Behavior!!

C1-100517                                    Occurred: 10-22-2021


This gentleman came into the Super Saver at 2662 Cornhusker and filled his Anti-freeze and other random jugs with water.  He then grabbed some other items and approached the check out counter.  The clerk was unsure if she could sell the water to the individual as the water was not in approved containers.  The suspect began to verbally berate the cashier and call her foul names.  He threatened to assault her  as well as a Manager (who also said the water could not be sold that way) and Loss Prevention.  All were threatened with bodily injury if they attempted to not sell the water.  The suspect threw $4 towards the cashier and then left yelling threats to others.  If anyone knows who this pleasant person is, please Say It Here