Gas, going, gone!

C1-071580            Occurred: 8-2-2021

We’ve all complained about high gas prices but this suspect took things a little too far.  The U-Haul at 4700 Cornhusker noticed that one of their vehicles was missing about 30 gallons of gas so the reviewed their video and saw this black colored pickup enter the lot and disappear behind the U-Haul truck for about 20 minutes before leaving.  If you know this gas miser say it here.

Swiped shrub

C1-048533            Occurred: 5-29-2021

These suspects either have a green thumb, a sweet tooth or a hankering for a steak since they are suspected of swiping a shrub, candy and ribey among other things while they were at the north Walmart.  They selected several items and went through the self checkout aisle but failed to ring in several of their items.  They left in a black pickup truck.  If you know these suspects or recognize the tatoo on the male suspect’s left bicep say it here.

Bad credit

C1-077043             Occurred: 8-18-2021

It’s possible these 2 suspects didn’t have good enough credit to make their purchase from ETO Liquor Store, maybe that’s why they used a stolen credit card instead.  Help us bring them in so we can ask if that’s the case, if you know these 2 say it here.

Who’s Whitney

C1-078498            Occurred: 8-21-2021

Newamsterdam Pink Whitney Vodka, that’s who Whitney is.  This suspect is apparently familiar with Whitney since he took off with a bottle of it from the Super Saver on N 27th without bothering to stop at the chek out aisle.  If you know this white wearing Whitney drinker is say it here.

Sip and a Snack

C1-080054            Occurred: 8-27-2021

Sometimes you just feel like a sip or 2 of a Tall boy and maybe, just maybe get the munchies and want a healthy snack like a banana.  You should probably pay for the Tall boy and banana though or you’ll end up pictured here. Casey’s at 3650 N 48th was where these 2 made off with their suds and fruit.  If you know who these Sipper and Snackers are say it here.

All the ingredients

C1-092796            Occurred: 9-26-2021

When you want a cookout you need all the ingredients and we think that’s what these 2 were up to.  They went into the Super Saver on N 27th and got everything needed for a cookout, charcoal, corn, chicken, beer and even a plant and some toilet paper but didn’t bother paying for any of it.  If you can turn up the heat on these 2 suspects say it here.

Talk about luck

C1-074017            Occurred: 8-9-2021

Most of us would probably feel lucky to win some cash on a game of luck and skill vending machine.  Apparently this suspect didn’t feel so lucky so he just forged some winning receipts from the vending machine and presented them for a payout.  If you know this unLucky suspect say it here.

Ryobi ripoff

C1-092211            Occurred: 9-30-2021

This suspect was noticed walking around at the Home Depot on N 27th  when he tried to conceal a Ryobi battery charger down his pants.  The battery charger was recovered but the suspect took off running, maybe it was 5 o clock somewhere and he had Corona’s on ice.  Either way, if you know who this Ryobi Ripoff Runner is say it here.

Car care caper

C1-089000            Occurred: 9-21-2021

Car care and maintenance is something to take seriously since it’s not free to do.  Maybe that’s why this suspect helped themselves to several car care and maintenance products from the Walmart on N 27th.  If you know this auto owner say it here.

Dog park fiasco

C1-096095            Occurred: 10-10-2021

Visits to the dog park should be relaxing, not infuriating.  The victim in this case visited Stransky dog park and had their debit card stolen from their vehicle.  This suspect is seen on camera using the stolen debit card at Best Buy and the N 48th Target.  If you know this suspect say it here.

Missing Marlin

C1-086277            Occurred: 9-13-2021

No we don’t mean a missing fish, we mean a missing Trek Marlin bicycle from the 1800 block of Connie Road.  This suspect was caught on camera carrying a package then casually get on the Trek Marlin mountain bike and pedal away.  If you know this Marlin Mover say it here.

Can’t park there

21002953            Occurred: 9-29-2021

This suspect certainly realized he collided with another vehicle in the parking lot at 1000 N 16th because after trying to park and hitting another vehicle the driver moves to a new spot, checks out the damage to his own vehicle then casually walks away.  If you know this inconsiderate parker say it here.

Rude Awakening

21002832            Occurred: 9-22-2021

Imagine being woken up at 2:13 am by someone pulling the fire alarm in your building for no good reason.  Most people would be a little upset by that.  The residents of University Suites at 18th and R st are likely no exception to that so if you know this blue Yankees sweatshirt wearing false fire alarm pulling suspect please say it here.

Copped Colorado Cards

C1-072511            Occurred: 8-4-2021

When the victim in this case went for a workout they didn’t expect their credit cards to get copped at the same time.  Planet Fitness on Foldways captured the suspect on video taking the cards from the victim’s Chevrolet Colorado.  If you know this Colorado Card Copping suspect say it here.


C1-076048            Occurred: 8-15-2021

TImber!!  The Home Depot on N 27th had an Echo chainsaw walk out the front door…well, the chainsaw may have had  a little help getting away.  This suspect left through the garden center with a chainsaw but neglected to pay for the chainsaw.  If you know this tree chopping suspect say it here.

Unlocked Loot

C1-066321            Occurred: 7-17-2021

You’ve gotta lock those cars folks!  The victim in this case forgot to lock their car and had their debit and credit cards stolen along with a large amount of other personal property.  This happened in the 2200 block of S 51st and this is a picture of the suspect that used one of the cards at the Panera Bread near 14th and Pine Lake.  If you know this opportunistic thief say it here.

Hybrid haul

C1-072416            Occurred: 8-4-2021

If you see this suspect riding around on a Bianchi hybrid bicycle let us know, he’s caught on camera using a tool to break the lock that was previously securing this bike for the rightful owner in the 500 block of N 16th.  If you know this dance contest fan say it here.

Boldly in a Buick

C1-071928            Occurred: 8-3-2021

Talk about Bold!  These suspects helped themselves to a substantial amount of merchandise from the Tractor Supply at 7300 Husker Circle then just walked out of the store, telling the cashier not to follow them.  Once the made it outside they loaded up in their tan Buick and left.  If you know these 2 bold suspects say it here.

Walking to Work

C1-092332            Occurred:9-28-2021

What do you do when someone steals your bike? Walk to work, that’s what happened when the victim had to do in this case after this suspect took off with their bike from the 1200 block of N 9th.  If you know this orange safety vest wearing rider say it here.

Massive Hangover

C1-092956            Occurred: 10-2-2021

A Massive Hangover is likely what this group of Jack Daniels fans had after they got done drinking all 5 of the bottles they helped themselves to from the Caseys on W O st.  This group of suspects went into the store and walked out without paying for all 5 of the bottles they left with.  If you know where they’re recovering from their hangovers at say it here.

New phone, who’s this?

C1-093797            Occurred: 10-4-2021

When the victim set down their phone at Aladdin Tobacco they didn’t expect someone to come along and pick it up for them and leave without returning the phone to the rightful owner.  Thankfully when the owner callled the phone later a good citizen that had found the phone on the ground returned it to the owner.  This suspect was caught on video at Aladdin’s taking the phone in the first place.  If you know who this is say it here.

Cold Caper

C1-089205            Occurred: 9-21-2021

It takes a cold heart to pull off this Cold Caper.  That’s the only explanation for why someone would cut the air conditioning lines at United Lutheran Church at 5945 Fremont and then leave behind a half eaten tub of ice cream.  If you know this Cold hearted copper, cooling line, cutting, criminal say it here.

Cruising in Comfort

C1-088921            Occurred: 9-21-2021

Someone is now Cruising in Comfort on the bicycle pictured in this case.  Problem is the Comfort Cruiser bike was stolen by this suspect from the 900 block of S 28th and is still missing.  If you know this Comfortably Cruising Crook say it here.

Whiskey a Bye Bye

C1-058085            Occurred: 6-26-2021

Some of us have heard of the Whisky a Go Go but this is the Whiskey a Bye Bye.  The suspects in this case went to the Walgreens at 14th and Superior where the suspect in the blue shirt concealed a bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey under his shirt and left the store without paying.  If you can helpd bring this whiskey home by identifying either of the suspects say it here.

Copped card

C1-075338            Occurred: 8-13-2021

When the victim in this case forgot their wallet on top of a video gaming machine it was taken by these 2 suspects who promptly tried to make a few purchases with the credit cards inside. This all happened at La Ilucion at 916 S 13th st.  If you know either of these suspects say it here.

Bunk bill

C1-071685            Occurred: 8-2-2021


The cashier at Russ’s Market at 130 N 66th said the bill felt a little funny after this suspect used it to pay his grocery bill.  The bill he used for his bill was later found to be bunk.  If you know this red     do-rag wearing, funny money passer say it here.

Taken Trek

C1-057094            Occurred: 6-23-2021

This white male suspect with visible tatoos on his left bicep is seen on camera entering an apartment building at 4800 Holdrege and taking a Trek bicycle from the storage area.  The male was confronted and told to leave but when he did leave he took a bicycle that belonged to one of the building’s residents.  If you know this bicycle thief say it here.

Misappropriated monitors!!

C1-084757            Occurred: 9-2-2021

Target at 8201 S 40th was the target of this tote carrying, baby monitor theft.  This suspect is caught on camera loading a 20 gallon tote with several baby monitors and leaving the store without paying for any of them.  The suspect is seen leaving in this Chevrolet SUV with no front license plate.  If you know who this monitor misappropriater is say it here.