Can You Hear Me Now?

C1-073255                                   Occurred: 08-07-2021

CPR (Cell Phone Repair) at 3865 South Street had an unwelcomed visitor over night.  This individual broke the front door glass and went inside.  The suspect removed numerous cell phones and computers……and a stud finder.  I am quite certain they thought it was something else.  If you recognize this “Man in Black”, please…..Say It Here!

A Harsh Reminder!!

C1-081339                               Occurred: 08-30-2021

The victim was just taking care of things around his house.  Unfortunately, he was not around the front of the house when this individual pulled up and sauntered into the garage not once, not twice, but THREE times and picked up various pneumatic impact tools. If anyone recognizes this tool aficionado, Say It Here!

Tool Timed Out!!!

C1-087126                                   Occurred: 09-16-2021

This person is a real Tool Timer!!! He broke into a home workshop in the 6800 Block of Seward Ave.  The victim had just installed cameras in the building, but did not have an alarm.  He came out to the shop in the morning and found that a window had been pried open.  He suspect took over $2500 dollars worth of tools from the shop.  If anyone know who this power tool pilferer is, Say It Here!!


C1-047654                                  Occurred: 05-27-2021

Alohma Vape Shop was “VAPED” by these three hooligans.  They broke the front door glass out and proceeded to fill up their backpacks with Vape devices and liquid. They also break out the glass of the display cases as well.   The store suffered a total of $5000 dollars in loss and damage.  If you know who these 3 individuals are that need something to do, Say It Here!



LSO case #C1007276

Deputies are investigating multiple assaults which occurred at Roca Berry Farms during the evening of Saturday, 9/18/2021. Two victims were assaulted by multiple suspects resulting in non-life threatening injuries. Both victims were transported to a local hospital where they were treated and released for their injuries. Portions of the assaults were captured by persons present who then shared videos on various social media platforms. LSO is releasing a censored portion of video from one of the assaults in hopes of identifying the suspects responsible. 

The video is available here: Roca Berry Farm Assault C1007276
*** This video depicts a violent assault and may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. ***

Persons with information about the assaults or the suspects are encouraged to contact the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office at (402) 441-6500 or anonymously via Crimestoppers at (402) 475-3600.

Lots of Effort/No Pay Out!!

C1-069139                                       Occurred: 07-26-2021

These two individuals come to the Tornado Car Wash at 8350 Leighton.  They proceed to try to hammer out the cash bill changers and were unsuccessful.  They caused approximately $1000.00 in damage however.  So, even though they got away with nothing, the victim is still out for repairs.  If anyone recognizes these two, please, Say It Here!

Fireball + Hair = This Guy!

C1-067651                               Occurred: 07-22-2021

This individual entered the Casey’s on North 48th and was shocked by the presence of the clerk.  He then grabbed two sleeves of the small bottles of Fireball and ran out of the store.  The suspect is very distinctive…especially with the hair.  If you recognize the person with the well coiffured hair, please let us know by Saying It Here!

Leggo of my Lego!

C1-054404                                      Occurred: 06-15-2021

Barnes & Noble reported that this person entered their store, went to the Lego area and then grabbed two large Lego kits and then moved towards the store.  He loitered about the front of the store and then dashed out, not paying for his blocks!  Does anyone recognize this Lego-maniac?  Say It Here!

Tequila Gone, Gone Gone!

C1-063679                                 Occurred: 07-10-2021

This gentleman entered the Russ’s Market on 1550 S. Coddington and allegedly removed two bottles of tequila from the spirits shelf.  He placed them in a plastic bag that he brought with him and then walked out the doors without paying.  The sweatshirt I think says it all…… Anyone know who this might be?  Say It Here!

Not a Good Guest!!

C1-075307                                    Occurred: 08-13-2021

Country Inn and Suites had a sneaky guest during the overnight hours!  The suspect walks into the lobby, looks around for the clerk and then lays on the service counter, opens the cash drawer and removes cash from it.  He then casually strolls out of the lobby.  Anyone know who this enterprising young person is?  Say It Here!

Unable To Relax!!

C1-073390                                  Occurred:08-06-2021

Tranquility Salon and Spa at 2901 Pine Lake reported that their ability to deliver tranquility to clients was hamper by the theft of two of their chairs used for their business! You can see the two chairs in the back of the truck and a reflected image of the driver.  If you recognize the truck or the ghostly image of the driver, Say It Here!

This is No Game!

C1-077375                                   Occurred: 08-18-2021

Super C at 2601 Ticonderoga Dr. reported that these three individuals managed to scam the skill games out of money.  Further information indicates these three may also be doing this in Omaha, NE.  If anyone recognizes them, please Say It Here!

Society Rules?

C1-063692                                  Occurred: 07-10-2021

This individual is one of three people we are seeking for a theft from skill game machines at the Russ’s, 5700 North 33rd.  This individual interfered with employees who were trying to watch them and distracted them.  We would like to talk to this person regarding the thefts!  Know who he is?  Say It Here!

Where Did My Plates Go?

C1-082306                                 Occurred: 09-02-2021

The victim reported that he suspects these two individuals who arrived in the truck pictured allegedly took both license plates off of his vehicle during the overnight hours in the 4900 block of North 57th.  If you have an idea who they might be, Say It Here!

My Bike!!!

UNL 21001730                         Occurred: 06-20-2021

UNL Police believe this party may be responsible for bicycle theft from the area of 600 block of North 15th.  If someone recognizes who this pedestrian bike shopper might be, Say It Here!


Where’d My Purse Go?

C1-079945                                  Occurred: 08-23-2021

The victim said she had her purse/wallet stolen at Home Goods and then the same day had someone use her cards at Target on South 40th.  If anyone recognizes this person, we would like to talk with her about the missing cards!  If you know who it is, Say It Here!

Where’s the Fire???

C1-066171                                   Occurred: 07-17-2021 @ Walmart


Walmart at 8700 Andermatt Dr. reported that this individual loaded up a cart of large items and then went out a fire exit with the items to his waiting car.  The employee was unable to stop him, but did see it was a red Chrysler 200.  The suspect has tattoos on both arms and his face.  If you recognize this standout person, Say It Here!

Mystery Man

C1-069137                                    Occurred: 07-26-2021 @ Home Depot

Does anyone know who this is?  This gentleman entered Home Depot on North 27th and selected some items and just walked out of the store with them.  He select tools and similar items.  His truck was loaded down with many items as you can see.   Know who this mystery man might be?  Help us out and Say It Here!

Phone Walked Off!

C1-062739                                Occurred: 07-07-2021 @ Metro PCS

This is taking self-service a bit too far!!  This individual walked into Metro PCS at 26th and O streets.  He observes the clerk leave her personal cell phone near one of the check out stations.  He reaches over when she is busy with two other customers and pockets the phone in one swift move.  Anyone know who this person might be?  If so, Say It Here!

“Borrowed” Bike!!

C1-064591                              Occurred: 07-13-2021 @ 600 Blk Rose ST.

This person apparently believed the bicycle rack is a trade in rack!  He rides by on his bike and glances over at the bicycle in the rack.  He turns around, parks his bike in the rack……and then rides off on the other bicycle.  If you recognize this individual, please help us retrieve the bike for the victim.  Say It Here!