Serious Shopper!

C1-021816                                    Occurred: 03-11-2021

This serious shopper was at Walmart on North 85th Street.  She made her selections and then attempted to scan her card.  The sale was never completed.  We would like to talk to this shopper to know more about the attempted sale.  Know who it is? Say It Here!

Something Fishy Here!

C1-053681                                        Occurred: 06-13-2021

Russ’s Market at 33rd and Hwy 2 reported this shopper filled her cart and paid for all of it!  EXCEPT, a package of Spicy Tuna Roll Sushi.  She allegedly went to great pains to conceal the sushi, moving it around to keep it from view.  No effort was made by the shopper to pay for the sushi.  So, if you know the shopper in this fishy situation, Say It Here!

Heart Broken…..AGAIN!!

C1-024550                                    Occurred: 03-20-2021

This is the second time where the donation jar for Clinic With A Heart was stolen from a business!  This person grabbed the donation jar from the counter of the Super C at 1700 L Street and fled the scene.  If anyone knows who this person might be, we would like to clear this up.  Know who this is?  Say It Here!  

Bacardi RUN

C1-040926                               Occurred: 05-07-2021

Sometimes you just need to feel like a pirate!  This individual ran into the Super C on West A and grabbed a bottle of Bacardi Rum.  Before the clerk could say “ARRGH”, the suspect  ran out of the store and got into her car and fled to calmer seas!  Know who this person is?   Say It Here!

Oh, The Horror!!

C1-059016                                   Occurred: 06-28-2021

The Horror of Bad Money Continues!  This individual passed a phony $100 dollar bill for a can of coffee at Russ’s Market.  They spotted the bill, but the subject would not stick around to talk to the police.  If you know who this is, Say It Here!

Trashy Behavior!!

C1-042216                                   Occurred: 05-12-2021


Calvary Cemetery has been experiencing a person dumping leaf and yard debris in their flowerbeds for the last few months.  They recently found this image on their security cameras.  It appears that this person somehow figures this is a good place to dump such things. If you recognize this individual, please Say It Here!

Couch Potato!

C1-041500                                   Occurred: 05-08-2021


Family & Implant Dentistry reported that they gained some extra furniture in their lot!  This individual was so much of a couch potato, they couldn’t even be bothered to properly dispose of it!!  If anyone knows who this truck belongs to, Say It Here!


I Want To Be An Astronaut!

C1-037760                                  Occurred: 04-29-2021


This individual in his NASA sweatshirt entered Scheels and concealed a pair of pants and t-shirt after rolling them up and putting them down the front of his pants.  He then left the store and got into the vehicle and left the area.  The owner of the vehicle, mysteriously, could not give any information as to who this space faring wanna-be is.  If you know who this is, Say It Here!


C1-028536                                 Occurred: 04-02-2021

Stop and Shop reported that a customer reported that these two individuals had taken 4 Monster Energy Drinks from the cooler and concealed them on their person.  Any ideas as to who these two might be?  Say It Here!


C1-004598                                 Occurred: 01-16-2021

Does anyone recognize this smiling individual?  He attempted to take a Arm Sling from Super Saver on North 48th after paying for the cart load of groceries. He refused to stick around as he was contacted outside and ran to a waiting vehicle.   His action begs the question……WHY?????  If you know who this is, Say It Here!

Canada, Eh?

C1-021163                                     Occurred: 03-09-2021

Discount City said this individual had purchased a can of malt liquor using a Canadian Driver’s license and was wearing a Raisin’ Canes T-shirt.  The individual reached behind the counter and took a vape cigarette set and then fled from the store.  Does anyone know who this person might be?  Say It Here!

The Unknown Shoplifter!

C1-044540                                 Occurred: 05-18-2021

The Unknown Shoplifter strikes!  This suspect managed to cover practically ALL of his face from the camera.  He entered the Casey”s on North Cotner and took a bottle of vodka. The thing that made him distinctive is he was wearing black pants with a yellow striped down the legs.  If you know this fashion forward shoplifter with a flair for yellow stripes, Say It Here!

Book Club!

C1-047735                                   Occurred: 05-27-2021

Apparently, this gentleman REALLY needed items from Barnes & Noble, on O Street.  He entered and made his selections and then approached the counter.  As the clerk is scanning the items, the suspect picks them up and runs!  Must have been late for Book Club! If you know who this is, Say It Here!



C1-033939                                 Occurred: 04-16-2021

This shopper must have had an “owwey” that was soooooo painful that she forgot to pay for the Neosporin and bandages she pocketed while doing her shopping!  This occurred at Super Saver on Pine Lake Road.  If anyone knows this person, Say It Here!

Package Thief!

C1-038212                                   Occurred: 04-29-2021

This guy is in for a rude surprise!.  He is seen walking up to the victim’s porch and picking up a delivered package.  He then leaves  the area.  What he did not know was the package contained maternity items!  Does anyone know who this over-zealous package thief might be?  Say It Here!

Looking Good!

C1-037514                                      Occurred: 04-27-2021

This pair was obviously concerned about their appearance!  They entered the Super Saver at 26th and Cornhusker and selected cosmetics and beauty supplies and then left without paying.  The male made the selections and the female carried them out.  Any one  know this fashion conscious couple?  If you do, Say It Here!

Tires Out!

C1-040279                                 Occurred: 05-06-2021

Walmart staff reported that this “tired” shopper went back to get 4 tires, but asked to pay for them up front, which is not normal procedure.  Further checking by staff showed that no such purchase occurred.  Video shows the person going out the entry doors pushing the tires to a dark colored Chrysler 300.  Know who this tread-worn shopper is?  Say It Here!


C1-055935                                   Occurred: 06-20-2021

Kwik Shop on North 14th was the victim of a robbery that occurred at about 0450 hours by this person.  The person became violent and assaulted the clerk and then took items.  Anyone who knows who this person might be?  Help us clear this robbery!  Say It Here!

What A Cost!


C1-034370                                  Occurred: 04-17-2021

The victim in this case reported that she had accidently left her purse in the rest room at Cost Co.  She realizes it is missing about 30 minutes later and cancels all her credit cards.  She then is told by an employee of Cost Co that this pair of shoppers tried to use her credit/debit card.  If anyone knows who they are, Say It Here!

The Case of the Missing Corona

C1-042512                                       Occurred: 05-13-2021

U Stop at 21st and K Streets reported the case of Corona missing by the hand of this person.  The individual walks in, picks up the Corona Beer case and walks out.  If anyone know who this person might be, please Say It Here!

Leon’s Larceny!

C1-050337                                 Occurred: 06-03-2021

Leon’s Food Mart reported that this individual loaded her groceries and then did not pay for them.  If anyone know this person, please Say It Here!

Technology Out!

C1-048347                                  Occurred: 05-29-2021

This pair came to Best Buy and took their store name to heart!  The female grabbed a basket, and loaded it full of technology items and then left without paying.  She got into the passenger side of the silver Grand Prix.  It was driven by the male in the red/blue/white coat.  If anyone knows who these individuals are or who owns the silver Grand Prix, Say It Here!

Walmart Fleeced!



C1-041607                                 Occurred: 05-08-2021

This pair of shoppers at the Walmart on North 85th “fleeced” the store out of some money.  They did some tag switching and completely forgot to pay for some items, two of which were fleece jackets.  If you know who these shoppers are, Say It Here!

No Hustle!

C1-052790                                  Occurred: 06-11-2021

This pair of shoppers came to the U Stop at 2925 NW 12th and attempted to use a EBT Card which was refused.  They returned and picked up some items and failed to pay for them.  Obviously living up to the shirt’s saying of Hustle!  Know either of these hustlers?  If so, Say It Here!


Recovered, But Still Questions!


C1-054022                                  Occurred: 06-14-2021

Walmart at North 85th St. reported that the individual carrying the purse loaded it with merchandise and walked by all points of payments.  She was contacted by Loss Prevention employees and gave up her purse that was holding all the items. All of the stolen items were recovered.  She left with the white female, but went separate ways in the lot.  If you know who the female with the purse is, please Say It Here!

Crab Legs On The Run!

C1-037779                                  Occurred: 04-28-2021

The Hy-Vee on Pioneers reported that this individual came in and selected an order of Golden King Crab legs and put them in a reusable shopping bag.  She then bypassed the registers and left the store, getting into a Ford SUV.  Anyone know who this might be?  Say It Here!

Hair Today, Gone Today!

C1-055518                                   Occurred: 06-18-2021

This individual entered Dry Goods, a clothing store in Gateway Mall.  The employees saw her go into the back room and come out clutching her purse close to her body.  The victim said HER purse was missing after that.  The victim’s debit card was also later used to the tune of $900 dollars.  Anyone know this fashion conscious person?  Say It Here!

Broken Window

C1-060486                                 Occurred: 07-02-2021

The victim in this case reported her car windshield broken out.  Video shoes this mysterious person riding up on a bike, wearing a backpack.  The throw an item into the front windshield and ride off.  Anyone recognize the person?  If so, Say It Here!

UNL Bikes Begone, Part 4

UNL 21001434                          Occurred: 05-21-2021

The victim left this bicycle parked in front of UNL’s Campus Rec Center.  When he came back out, the bike was missing.  Video shoes this individual riding off on it.  Anyone know who this might be?  If so, please Say It Here!

UNL Bikes Begone, Part 3

UNL 21001296                          Occurred: 05-05-2021

This individual is suspected of taking the victim’s bicycle while it was parked in front of The Courtyards, 733 North 17th.  If anyone know who this might be, please Say It Here!