Just write it down

C1-020594            Occurred: 3-7-2021

This sticky fingered suspect seems eager to jot down her thoughts.  She made off with several markers and a journaling set from Walmart on N 27th.  If you know this aspiring journalist say it here.

Gone fishing

C1-031647            Occurred: 4-10-2021

It must have been nice fishing weather the day this suspect took off from Walmart on N 27th with 2 bait casting fishing poles.  This angler even left in a good fishing vehicle, a black Hummer H3.  If you know where he can be caught say it here.

Clean up in grocery aisle

C1-018575            Occurred: 3-1-2021

This suspect may have just been trying to clean up a little when he doused several aisles at Walmart on N 27th with bleach, doubtful because he then dumped a bottle of Ice Mountain Water in another aisle before being asked to leave the store.  If you know who this not so helpful cleaner is say it here.

Totes scam

C1-022753            Occurred: 3-14-2021

Walmart on N 85th had this tatooed, mask wearing scamming suspect come in to the store and switch price tags on some plastic totes.  The suspect scanned in a price tag for some less expensive totes in order to pay less.  If you know who this Totes scammer is say it here.

Rearranged Ram

C1-033806            Occurred: 4-18-2021

A Dodge Ram that was parked in the 2800 block of Hallmark Rd was rearranged thanks to this suspect.  Some time in the early morning hours of 4-18-2021 this suspect was captured on security camera rearranging the interior of the Dodge Ram while looking for something to steal, luckily there was nothing missing but the Ram was left in a mess.  If you know who this suspect is say it here.

Gas, gun and go

C1-054151            Occurred: 6-15-2021

While the owner of this Grey VW Passat was getting fuel at U Stop at 6801 Wildcat she was approached by a black male suspect with dreadlocks about 5 ft 10 inches and approximately 180 pounds demanded her car and then struck the victim in the head with the butt of a handgun before leaving with her car.  A passerby was able to capture some video an dimages of the suspect and car as they left.  If you know who this gas station bandit is say it here.

No free CBD

C1-050280            Occurred: 6-4-2021

CBD just isn’t free for the taking as these shadowy suspects found out.  CBD on N 48th had the front window shattered and a cash register taken but no CBD made it out the door.  If you know who these CBD wanting suspects are say it here.

Hygienic theft

C0-118495            Occurred: 12-27-2020

It seems as if good oral hygiene is important to everyone, even when you have to steal the toothbrush!  This suspect is thought to have left the Walmart on N 85th with an toothbrush and other personal hygiene items without paying.  When she was confronted by employees she ran away.  If you know who this tooth brush-runner is say it here.

Parked and gone

C1-033255            Occurred: 4-16-2021

The owner of this Trek bicycle left if parked and locked in the 200 block of N 12th but when he came back it was gone.  Video collected from nearby shows this tan coat wearing suspect riding away on the Trek.  If you know who this larcenous biker is say it here.

Walking shoes

C1-031257            Occurred: 4-9-2021

When this suspect needed some new shoes he just put some on from the shelf at Scheels and walked out without paying for them.  He did leave behind his old sandals and paid for a hat and shirt but not the shoes!  If you know who’s wearing these walking shoes say it here.

Clean Getaway

C1-033974            Occurred: 4-18-2021

Talk about a clean getaway! Walmart at 2500 Jamie Lane had 2 Roomba’s make a clean getaway with the help of this suspect.  The Roomba’s were loaded in a cart then swept away through a fire exit and into this waiting getaway car.  If you know who this cleaning suspect is say it here.

Walmart Grinch

C0-116478            Occurred: 12-20-2020

Apparently the grinch needed to do some Christmas shopping, so he did it in the grinch way by attempting to steal what he needed.  This suspect is thought to have tried leaving the Walmart on N 85th with several small items that he didn’t pay for a few days before Christmas.  If you know this grinch of a suspect say it here.

Heartless theft

C0-104922            Occurred: 11-11-2020

This suspect is believed to have taken the Clinic with a Heart donation box from the front counter of the Super C at 3202 S 10th.  This uncaring suspect took off in a blue Chevrolet Impala with the donation box on the back seat.  If you know this heartless suspect say it here.

Clothing caper

C1-030531            Occurred: 4-8-2021

Orscheln’s at 56th and Cornhusker fell victim to this clothing caper.  An unknown female entered the store wearing a mask and sunglasses, grabbed an armful of clothing items then got whisked away in this silver GMC or Chevrolet by an unknown driver.  If you know the suspect or driver in this clothing caper say it here.

A close shave

C1-030409            Occurred 4-4-2021

Super Saver at 27th and Cornhusker reports a close shave with these 2 suspects.  They entered the store and concealed several  items they didn’t pay for, including a Joy the Pink One razor before leaving in this dark colored Nissan Xterra.  If you know who these well groomed suspects are say it here.

Sapped Power

C1-030077            Occurred: 4-6-2021

Sapp Brothers at 60th and Cornhusker fell victim to this power tool sapping suspect.  This suspect is believed to have made off with a 750w power inverter, pencil torch and tire gauge.  He left in a big hurry in this tan SUV.  If you know who this power Sapping suspect is say it here.

No Wine Before It’s Time

C1-016631                                   Occurred: 02-20-2021

Russ’s, 33rd and Hwy 2, had this shopper in their store.  She placed items in her cart and paid for them like everyone else.  Unfortunately, she must have forgot the wine bottle and other items she put in her pocket.   She paid for the items in her cart and left without paying for the items in her front pocket.  If you know her, please let us know by Saying It Here!

Get the Basket!

C1-000150                                  Occurred: 01-01-2021

Happy New Years!  But not for Russ’s in Havelock!  This KC Fan entered the store and loaded up the basket. Employees saw that they were moving towards the wrong door and trying to exit there.  They told the suspect to stop and drop the items, but the Fan entered the passenger side of the white truck.  Any ideas as to who this major fan is?  Say It Here!

The Grey Blob Strikes!

C1-030922                                  Occurred: 04-22-2021

This grey blob was spotted in the 1900 block of Washington and is responsible for taking things from the victim’s vehicle.  If you can tell us who this grey blob is, Say It Here!

Gas Gone!

c1-053995                                   Occurred: 06-14-2021 at 70th/Vine

Take a look at this video and pictures and see if you recognize the person or the vehicle.  This person drove off after filling their tank and NOT paying for the gas.  If you know who this person is OR you know the vehicle, Say It Here!

Card Crunch!

C1-024117                                    Occurred: 03-06-2021 to 03-14-2021

The victim reported that somehow his Target card was copied and it was used three separate times to the tune of approximately $675.00!  The same person appears to have been the one using it.  If anyone recognizes this person, let us know by Saying It Here!

Compute This!

C1-054276                                 Occurred: 06-14-2021

The Target at 5330 South 56th said these two individuals entered the store and went to the electronics section.  They selected a mini projector and walked to the computers.  There they removed the security device on the computer and took it as well.  They left in the car that has damage to the right front fender area.  If you recognize these computing cons, Say It Here!

How You Doin’?

C1-043655                                 Occurred: 05-16-2021 .

This is not the “How you doin’? greeting I want walking in my door!  Anyone know who this “UN-Friendly” person is?  He walked into the residence in the 3200 Block of Hitchcock St. and wandered around inside.  If anyone knows or recognizes this person, please let us know and Say It Here! 

Sweet tooth

C0-118875        Occurred: 12-19-2020

Sometimes you just have to feed that sweet tooth.  That’s just what these 2 suspects did at the Cuper C at 17th and L st.  They helped themselves to several handfuls of candy and other assorted snack items but never paid for any of their goodies.  If you know either of them say it here.

Crime doesn’t compute

C1-021482            Occurred: 3-4-2021

Crime is hard to compute, especially when your computer goes missing.  These 2 suspects entered the Office Depot at 333 N 50th and the suspect in the plaid shirt is believed to have concealed the computer in his pants before leaving without paying for the computer.  If you know who these computer fans are say it here.

Up on blocks

C1-024940            Occurred: 3-21-2021

Can’t drive without wheels, the 2 suspects in this case left a vehicle up on wood blocks when they took the wheels and tires.  They left in the vehicle in the above pictures.  This all happened in the 3300 block of Madison.  If you know who the suspects are in this case say it here.

Tequila took off!

C0-112088            Occurred: 12-5-2020

It seems these 2 suspects are quite thirsty.  When they went to Jimmy’s Liquor and Tobacco the female suspect concealed a bottle of 1800 Tequila Silver in her sweatpants  and even tried to get a small child to walk out with another bottle of Don Julio Tequila.  While all this happened the male suspect was making conversation with the clerk to distract them.  Once the tequila was concealed the suspects left in seperate vehicles.  If you know who either of these 2 are say it here.

Battery biker

C1-027196            Occurred: 3-26-2021

Who would steal a car battery? This suspect is caught on camera in the 2700 block of Clinton picking up a car battery that was on the ground in front of the victim’s vehicle that was being worked on at the time.  If you know this battery biker say it here.

Grabbed gift cards

C1-022528            Occurred:  3-13-2021

While the victim in this case was unloading groceries in the 100 block of S 14th st this suspect is believed to have helped himself to the checkbook and gift cards from the victim’s vehicle.  If you know who this is say it here.

Console Cash

C0-116974            Occurred: 12-22-2020

This suspect snuck through the dark of night in the 2500 block of Woods Blvd until he found an unlocked vehicle with cash left in the console.  The suspect then made off with the console cash and hasn’t been seen since.  If you know who this is say it here.