Seeing Red!

C0-114535                                  Occurred:  12-13-2020

Employees at Family Dollar, 2400 N St., reported that this individual walked into the store and when all employees were distracted, walked directly into the back room/office area and unplugged the power strip to the surveillance system.  He then walked behind the counter and took a carton of cigarettes.  This person MAY BE related to previous burglaries to the same Family Dollar.  Anyone know who this is?  Say It Here!

BB Gone!

C0-100861                                  Occurred: 10-30-2020

Tractor Supply at 9000 Amber Hill CT reported that this individual left the store with a BB gun and a Carhartt sweatshirt without paying for them.  He left in the SUV pictured above.  If anyone knows who would be responsible for this, Say It Here!

Up In Smoke!

C0-106504                                  Occurred: 11-16-2020

An employee of Casey’s General Store at 1001 S. 13th reported this person walked into the store.  When the clerk was otherwise occupied, the suspect went behind the counter and removed a carton of Green Marlboro cigarettes and then ran out of the store.  Know who this might be?  Say It Here!

Tool Trauma!

C1-027591                                    Occurred: 03-30-2021

These two individuals were seen in the area of the 3200 Block of Wilderness Hills attempting to get into unlocked doors.  They gained access to a garage and removed tools and accessories to the tune of over $600!  Anyone know who these two might be?  Help us ease the victim’s pain and tell us who they are!  Say It Here!

Debit Card AWOL!

C0-106980                                 Occurred: 11-19-2020

The victim in this case said that her purse went missing from her house.  The person pictured here allegedly used a debit card belonging to the victim to make some purchases at Walgreen, 1701 South Street.  Any body know who this is?  Say It Here!

Clean Get Away!

UNL Case #20003447          Occurred: 10-24-2020

This pair is accused of removing a portable hand sanitizing station from the area of Avery Hall.  If you know who these two could be, please help UNL wash their hands of these two and allow us to identify them.  Say It Here!!

Where Is My Money??

C1-024230                                  Occurred: 03-15-2021

The above party managed to gain access to the victim’s credit card number and password and used it at a various amount of loss to the victim to the tune of approximately $1500 dollars at a variety of stores!  Please take note of the tattoos and tells us if you recognize this individual.  Say It Here!

Hair Care!

C1-030060                                   Occurred: 04-06-2021

This beauty conscious individual was at Super Saver at 2525 Pine Lake Road and pocketed some face and hair care items and then walked out without paying for them?  Know who this might be?            Say It Here!

Walmart Woes!

C0-105957                                Occurred: 11-14-2020

These two individuals attempted to steal about $250 of merchandise from Walmart on North 85th.  They pushed a cart full of items out the doors to a waiting gold colored SUV which was parked near the employee door.   An employee was in the area and apparently scared the couple off as they left, leaving their cart full of items sitting near the door.  Know who this pilfering pair might be?  Say It Here! 

Smile! We See You!

C0-107628                                   Occurred: 11-18-2020

D’Leon’s  in the 800 block of South 27th reported that this suspect rode up to the restaurant and pulled off a surveillance camera from the exterior of the business.  He then rides off to the Northeast.  The suspect is wearing a sweatshirt similar to one in “Making Your Own Luck” on Crimestoppers!  Know who this video bandit is??                Say it here!


C0-113087                                 Occurred: 12-08-2020

We see another Christmas Grinch attempting to take the victim’s LED snowman.  Frosty and the Victim prove to be too much for the Grinch as he stumbles as he runs away from the victim who confronts him!  He drop Frosty in the yard and continues to run southbound on 20th Street from C Street.  Any idea who this Christmas Grinch is?  Say It Here!

“BEAR-LY” Christmas!

C0-116459                                  Occurred:  12-20-2020 

Looks like someone finishing their shopping for Christmas right?  However, they forgot one important thing…….TO PAY!  He paid for the the items in his hand, but tried to leave with a big screen television which he did not!  He was confronted the suspect outside of the store and employees retrieved the big screen television.  Help us to identify this Christmas Grinch!!  Say It Here!

Just “DO” It…….and He did!

C0-114455                                  Occurred:  12-13-2020

This individual lived up to his t-shirt of Just Do It!  He walked by the victim’s house and removed a security camera by cutting the wires.  This type of theft has been featured before here, but not during the day like this one.  We are hoping someone recognizes the individual and we can make sure we find this photogenic individual!  Know who it is?  Say It Here!

Alcohol Abuse!

C0-112414                                    Occurred: 12-06-2020

Supersaver at 27th and Cornhusker had this gentleman abuse their alcohol section by removing 5 large bottles of alcohol and walking out without paying!  If you know who this person might be or were in Supersaver and noticed him, Say It Here!

Used and Abused!

C0-106477                                  Occurred: 11-16-2020

Does anyone know who these two people are?  They used and then abused a stolen credit card belonging to the victim which had been taken from her vehicle.  This couple used the card at 5 different places running up a total just shy of $900!  If you know who these individuals are, Say It Here.

Cherry on Top

C0-113688             Occurred: 12/07/20

Walmart, 8700 Andermatt Drive, reported two women came into the store and left without paying for their items. They report one of the women scanned the merchandise and cancelled the transaction, while the other woman walked out with the bagged items. The female with the cherry on her jacket has two tattoos – one on the left webbing of her hand and another on her right ankle. The two of them left in a dark colored Ford Freestar minivan. If you know anything about this case that could help us out, say it here!

Mixed Up!

C1-031013                                    Occurred:  04-09-2021

This person must have been mixed up and confused.  He entered Walmart at 2500 Jamie Lane and picked up two mixers and then walked out the door without paying.  He got into the passenger side of the black SUV, possibly a Cadillac.  Know who this mixed up shopper is?  Say It Here!

April Fool!

C1-028386                                  Occurred: 04-01-2021

This was an unfortunate April Fools for the victim!  He parked at Nebraska Gun at 302 S. Antelope Valley Parkway and left his work I-pad in his vehicle.  This individual came by and thought he got lucky and removed the Ipad from the unlocked vehicle.  This occurred between 5:45 pm and 6:30 pm.  Anyone who was in the area that noticed this person could provide a better description!  Remember being in the area and seeing this person?  Say It Here! 


C0-116027                                   Occurred:  12-18-2020

This pair perused through Walgreens at 8300 Northern Lights Drive and each selected a basket full of merchandise.  They then fled from the store and an alert employee observed them leave in a silver vehicle with a sun roof.  It is unknown exactly how much they got away with, but they clearly have full baskets and did not pay for any of the items.  Know who this pair of pilferers might be?  Say It Here!



Air Gun Gone!

C0-115334                                   Occurred: 12-16-2020

This individual, with the help of the driver of the white truck, entered into the Tractor Supply Store at 7300 Husker Circle and picked up a Air rifle that has the appearance of a tactical rifle.  He walked out of the store with it and got into the passenger side of the white truck.  Anyone who knows who the gun grabber is or who the white truck belongs to, please Say It Here!

Bike Be Gone!

C0-110396                                   Occurred: 11-30-2020

The Victim in this case stated she placed her bicycle in the rack by Carriage Park Parking garage near the west entrance.  She came back to find it gone.  Video shows this person removing the bicycle and leaving with it.  Anyone who knows who this is, Say It Here!

Shopping the Bad Way!

C0-115610                                   Occurred: 12-15-2020

Does anyone know who this person is?  She entered Scheels and began “shopping” and then moved into the elevator and concealed items she had picked up in a Scheels bag she removed from her purse. The store’s loss was approximately $385.00!  Anyone who know who this is, Say It Here!


Credit Abuse!

C0-115229                                   Occurred: 12-15-2020

These two gentlemen managed to charge numerous items at Walgreens at 2630 Pine Lake Road.  They used the Walgreen’s app and charge it to a number of Visa Cards.  Anyone who might know who they are, please Say It Here!

Missing Items!

C0-107561                                   Occurred:  11-20-2020

This individual is suspected of taking some items from Walgreens at 1301 O Street.  He had concealed items in his duffle bag and as he was leaving, he “growled” at the employee who contacted him.  He did turn over all but two things he had concealed.  Know who this person is, Say It Here!

Where is my stuff??

C0-107992                                   Occurred: 11-21-2020

The victim reports that while she was at Casey’s General Store, 1001 S. 13th Street, an unknown male took her bag and walked out with it.  If anyone knows who this party is, please Say It Here!

Honey Sweet!

C0-108202                                   Occurred:  11-18-2020

This individual obviously has a sweet tooth.  He enters the Kwik Shop at 2940 North 14th and removes three bottles of honey whiskey  and walks out.  Know this person?  Say It Here!

Sign Me Up!

C0-090138                                 Occurred: 09-27-2020

This individual was not happy with the victim’s political choices and removed a campaign sign from his fence. This occurred in the 1800 block of South 9th Street.  After taking the sign, the suspect runs off to his red SUV cross over and drives off.  Know the vehicle or who the suspect might be?  Say It Here!

My Porch was Picked!

C0-096499                                 Occurred: 10-10-2020

You have heard of your pocket being picked, but what about your porch?? This individual was in a very greedy mood and decided that a package that was on a porch in the area of 27th and Manse needed to be his!  He walked up and grabbed the package and walked off.  The victim didn’t know the package was gone until he was notified it had been delivered, but was not there.  He checked his video doorbell camera and found this individual picking his porch!  Know who this greedy person is?  Say It Here!

Making Your Own Luck!

C0-110303                                   Occurred:  11-30-2020

These individuals arrived at the Sunset Inn, 2920 NW 12th and one of them broke into a “game of skill” machine and removed the cash from it, damaging it in the process.  The parties then get into the car and leave.  If you recognize these fashion moguls, Say It Here!

Lock Your Doors!

C0-111903                                    Occurred: 12-04-2020

The victim in this case reported that this person came up to their unlocked  vehicles and rummaged through them, taking a small amount of change.  The person then fled in the circled vehicle.  It was similar to an older model Toyota Sienna.  Do you recognize the vehicle?  Can you t ell who that person might be?  Say It Here!