The Imposter……..

C0-096095                                 Occurred: 10-15-2020

The victim in this case had his wallet stolen.  His debit card was taken and then used at Walgreens, 14th and Superior, by this unknown female. She purchases a number of baby care items at approximately 4 o’clock in the morning with it.  If anyone knows who this might be, please, Say it Here!

Bump In The Night!

C0-099277                                 Occurred: 10-25-2020

The victim in this case was all warm in their house when there was a loud bang outside.  The victim found their vehicle had been hit by this truck!  Do you recognize the vehicle?  If you do, please pass on that information to us!  If you can help, say it here!

Catalytic Concerns!

C1-014629                    Occurred: 02-17-2021

The victim in this case awoke to find his two work vehicles missing their catalytic converters.  He checked his video and found this pair of people wandering the alley by his vehicles.  They are seen removing the catalytic converters and leaving walking out of the alley.  Help us identify these individuals!  Say it Here!