Secretly Scanning

C0-051890                    Occurred: 6/1/20

Walmart on Highway 2 and Andermatt Drive reported a man and woman came into the store and instead of scanning the actual UPC code of the items they were purchasing, they scanned a smaller item of low cost. They provided surveillance images of these two suspects. If you know who either of them are, say it here!

Window Grab

C0-048593                        Occurred: 5/31/20

An alarm went off at the Super C gas station located at 501 West A Street. When police arrived, they located a window that had been broken out. Review of surveillance showed these three suspects. They break out the front window, reach in, and grab cigars and Juul pods. If you know anything about this case, say it here!


C0-070443               Occurred: 8/2/20

The victim in this case, a resident in the area of N. 50th/Garland, reported a suspicious person entered his garage. He described the suspect as approximately 25 years old, tattoos on his legs, and wearing a gray sweater that appears to say GATOR on it. If you know who this suspect is, be sure to say it here!

Hit and Run

C0-068810              Occurred: 7/28/20


An accident occurred in the parking lot of the 56th/Holdrege Kwik Shop. The person responsible for the accident drove off. The victim was able to obtain a license plate that has been of assistance with tracing the vehicle back to it’s owner and location. We are being told someone named “Mia” was driving the silver Jeep at the time it hit the victim’s vehicle. Surveillance shows this person getting out of the vehicle after the accident. If you know who this female suspect is, please help us out and say it here!

Run Out

C0-047803          Occurred: 5/29/20

Russ’s Market in Havelock called to report a shoplift. They stated a man came in, grabbed two bottles of alcohol, and bypassed the cashier running out the door with the alcohol unpaid for. They reported he got into a red van with Madison County (7) license plates. Russ’s provided the surveillance images shown above of the suspect. If you know who this person is, say it here!


C0-050885                 Occurred: 6/5/20

The victim in this case reported her wallet stolen from her vehicle, and fraudulent charges on her credit card. Charges were made at Finish Line, Scheel’s, and Don’s Used Tires. Video surveillance from all 3 locations showed this same male suspect above believed to be responsible for all transactions There was also a white male that appeared to be associated with him. If you recognize either of them, help out and say it here!

Scan and Skip

C0-053178             Occurred: 6/10/20

Target on N. 48th/O Street reported a woman came into the store, scanned 8 items on the self-checkout, and took off with them before providing payment. Target captured video surveillance as shown above. We are searching for the female suspect who arrived in a white sedan. If you know who this suspect is, say it here!

Funny Money

C0-042869              Occurred: 5/16/20

Walgreens on 17th/South received a fake $100 bill. Tracking the transaction took them back to the male shown above who arrived in a white Lincoln Town Car or similar. If you recognize the suspect in this case, say it here!

Haul Out at HyVee

C0-051207               Occurred: 6/5/20

Hyvee on N. 27th/Superior was reviewing inventory when they realized some high dollar items were missing from the shelves, unaccounted for. A review of the surveillance video showed two female suspects coming in twice this particular day and taking the items without paying for them. One of them has already been cited, but we are looking to identify the other party involved. Her images are above. She has some unique tattoos. Do you recognize her? If so, help us out and say it here!

Burglary on N. 48th

C0-061797                Occurred: 7/8/20

A residence in the area of N. 48th/Judson Street was burglarized during the day while the resident was at work. Interior cameras showed this male and female responsible for entering the property during this time frame. If you have any information on this case, or know the identity of either suspect, please say it here!

Dr. John’s

C0-050698               Occurred: 6/6/20

Dr. John’s on 48th/Vine reported a shoplift in their store. Upon review of inventory it was discovered some adult products went missing for a loss of almost $800. Review of the surveillance shows these two female suspects. If you know who they are, help us out and say it here!

The Wallet

C0-001329          Occurred: 1/5/20

Scheel’s reported a male came into the store, purchased some items, but concealed a wallet he did not pay for. They provided video footage of this male suspect they believe to be responsible. If you know who this person is please say it here!

Armed Robbery

C0-062706                       Occurred: 7/10/20

A resident in the area of the 3300 block of N. 48th Street was the victim of an armed robbery on this day. Interior surveillance of the home captured this man on camera, kicking his way into the residence armed with a shotgun. A second male was also persent. If you recognize either suspect or know anything about this particular incident, please help us out and leave a tip: Say it Here!