Takeoff on Two Tires

C0-036667             Occurred: 4/27/20

The victim in this case allowed his neighbor girl to borrow a bike he owned to ride to the grocery store. While at the grocery store (17th/Washington Russ’s Market) the man shown above swooped in and rode off with the bike. If you know who this male suspect is, say it here!

Empty Handed

C0-026036               Occurred: 3/24/20

The victim in this case reported his car was entered into overnight in the area of 1st/Adams. Thankfully there was no loss and no damage to the vehicle, but with the extreme increase in larceny from motor vehicle in Lincoln lately, we’d like to know who this suspect is. If you can help out, say it here!

Izuzu Trooper

C0-040943                Occurred: 5/10/20 around 6:00am

The driver of an older dark green Izuzu Trooper drove into a garage in the area of 15th and Calvert early Sunday morning and took off. There were thousands of dollars worth of damage to the garage and the contents inside. If you know who drives this vehicle, or where we can locate it, please let us know. It now has some significant front end damage, and a sticker on the back upper right window of the SUV.

How to leave a tip:

Call Lincoln Police Department @ 402-441-6000

Call Lincoln Crime Stoppers @ 402-475-3600

Leave an anonymous tip online: Say it Here!

Credit Card Fraud

C0-024233              Occurred: 3/18/20

The victim in this case received a call from his bank that fraudulent transactions occurred on his account. The transactions were traced back and surveillance reviewed. This footage is from CVS on 14th/Superior where the suspects made a stop around 3:00am that morning and used the victim’s card. If you know who these suspects are, say it here!

Fooled Ya

C0-036731/C0-035627           Occurred: 4/24/20

Two Super Saver stores in Lincoln were hit by this group of young men, described as in their early 20’s. They allegedly defrauded the cashier out of almost $3000 worth of gift cards. If you know who they are, say it here!

Sun’s Out, Guns Out

C0-039504             Occurred: 5/6/20

In the early morning hours just after sun rise on May 6th, surveillance captured this person shooting a BB gun at a house near N. 59th & Holdrege.  If you know this suspect is, say it here!

Schwinn Swap

C0-034926           Occurred: 4/22/20

The victim in this case reported a male arrived on their property near 40th/Yankee Hill riding the Schwinn bike, and left with her daughters Micargi bike. If you know anything about this case, say it here!


C0-028206                  Occurred: 3/28/20

Gary’s Auto Sales, located at 53rd/Cornhusker, had a visitor overnight. Two suspects pulled up in the white truck shown above, parked in the McDonald’s parking lot, walked over and took parts off of one of the trucks for sale at Gary’s Auto Sales. If you know anything about this, say it here!


C0-039991              Occurred: 5/7/20

A $1,000 Trek bicycle went missing from a garage in the area of 70th/Pioneers. A neighbors camera captured a man entering into the garage. He has been developed as the primary suspect. If you know who this man is, call Lincoln Crime Stoppers at 402-475-3600 or say it here!

Fastest Food

C0-038043             Occurred: 5/1/20


A person in the area of 28th and F reported a woman went onto the porch of a residence and allegedly stole a Papa John’s delivery order from their porch. The witness said the woman took off running with the food and may have possibly ran inside a home in the neighborhood. Images were provided of this female suspect. If you know who she is, say it here!