Bad Bike Ride

C0-031320          Occurred: 4/10/20

Around 12:45pm today, this Honda was seen doing burn outs and driving on the MoPac bike trail (30th/Y) putting pedestrians and cyclists in danger. There were no plates and no hood on the car. Help us locate this car and the driver so we can have a talk with them – say it here!


C0-030300            Occurred: 04-07-2020

Victim reported the suspect was trespassing on her property and he was knocking on her back door. Victim described the suspect as, “Zombie like.” Victim provided video footage of the suspect and a still image. If you recognize him, please say it here! 

Free car, free gas.

C0-029889/C0-029915/C0-029878            04/06/2020

Victim reported his vehicle, Buick Lacrosse, was stolen from the area of 5300 block of N 10th CT. The suspect was then involved in a larceny from vehicle in the parking lot of the Good Life Fitness at 8601 Amber Hill Ct. The suspect drove to the U-STOP at 3747 S 27th St where he failed to pay for the fuel he had pumped. U-STOP and Good Life Fitness provided video footage. The stolen vehicle was recovered, however, the suspect has not been identified as of right now. If you recognize him, please say it here! 

Mad About You

C0-019714             Occurred: 3/4/20

This case occurred at 48th/Calvert Kwik Shop. The victim in this case parked in the parking lot, and then was confronted by the male shown above while they were both in the store. The victim then exited the store after this male suspect, and noticed the passenger side mirror on her vehicle was hanging down and surveillance showed him as a suspect knocking it off. He left in a blue Honda CR-V.  If you know who this male suspect is, help out and say it here! 


C0-030074            Occurred: 04-06-2020

Family Dollar at 2400 N St reported the suspect concealed a bag of chips and possibly other  items in his sweatshirt pocket and left the store without paying for them. Employee at Family Dollar confronted the suspect and suspect told her, “Fuck you. I’ll pop you in your head.” Family Dollar provided the video footage. If you recognize him, please say it here! 

Frontline Plus Dog

C0-027821            Occurred: 03-29-2020

Menards at 3500 N 27th St reported the suspects concealed thee packs of Frontline Plus Dog and other items in the bag the female was carrying. They both left the store without paying for the items. Menards video footage was reviewed by the officer, and confirmed what was being reported. If you recognize them, please say it here! 


C0-010466            Occurred: 02-04-2020


Super C at 745 S 21st St reported suspect did not pay for the fuel that he had pumped. Super C provided video footage, and suspect was observed pumping fuel and then leaving without paying for it. If you recognize him or the vehicle, please say it here!

Tide Pods

C0-027343            Occurred: 03-28-2020

Walgreens at 1301 ‘O’ St reported the suspect concealed two packages of Tide pods and left the store without paying for it. Walgreens provided video footage, and suspect was observed concealing the Tide pods and leaving the store without paying for it. If you recognize him, please say it here! 

Date Night

C0-026394            Occurred: 03-25-2020

Russ’s Market at 1550 S Coddington Ave reported suspect filled a cart full of merchandise and left the store without paying for them. Russ’s provided video footage, and suspect was observed leaving the store with a grocery cart full of items. Suspect did not pay for the groceries. If you recognize him, please say it here!

Makers Mark in the Dark

C0-026533          Occurred: 3/26/20

On this dark night, two males showed up to the CVS pharmacy on 70th/O and allegedly shoplifted Maker’s Mark whiskey. They arrived and departed in a darker colored smaller vehicle. If you know who either of them are, be sure to say it here!

Wait for me!

C0-026861            Occurred: 03-27-2020

Victim reported his vehicle was parked in the area of 2000 Broadmoore Drive, when the suspect entered his vehicle. Victim provided video footage, and suspect was observed entering the unlocked vehicle. The suspect then left the area as a passenger in a dark colored SUV. If you recognize him, please say it here!

🐶 Puppy Problems 🐶

C0-022442            Occurred: 3/9/20

Lincoln Animal Control received a call around 8:45am on the morning of Monday, March 9th about a stray puppy near the car wash on 26th and Randolph. When they arrived, a man flagged them down and said there was a puppy inside the car wash bay. It was a chilly, rainy day and the puppy was shaking and cold when taken into safety. A review of the video surveillance from the car wash shows a woman left the puppy in the bay earlier that morning with his blanket. She is described as a black or Hispanic female, and she was driving a gold Chevy Traverse with expired paper in-transits from 10/25/19. We are looking to identify her and need your help. If you know where this vehicle is located, we will take that information as well. Thankfully this story has a happy ending. The puppy was checked out by the Capital Humane Society and was in good health. He was put up for adoption and found a new home within just a couple days.

We still want to help Animal Control solve this case though! If you know anything that could help, here’s how you can leave a tip:

– Call Animal Control at 402-441-7900

– Call Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000

– Call Lincoln Crimestoppers at 402-475-3600 (and remain anonymous! or leave an anonymous tip online and say it here)


Copy Money

C0-027917            Occurred: 03-30-2020

Russ’s Market at 130 N 66th St reported the suspect used a fake $100 dollar to attempt to purchase items. Russ’s provided video footage, and suspect was observed giving the cashier $100.  The money had, “THE UNIT IS COPY MONEY,” printed on the fake bill. If you recognize him, please say it here!

Swiper No Swiping

C0-027775                Occurred: 3/30/20

Around 4:00am on this morning, someone arrived to the area of 1800 Old Glory Road and got into the victim’s work truck and took his debit card from it.  The suspect vehicle appears to be a newer model Nissan Altima. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Cheap Jeep

C0-027667              Occurred: 3/12/20


The victim in this case reported a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee (blue) missing from his property. Upon review of surveillance, a red Ford F-150 is shown pulling up to the vehicle before it takes off. The victim said the Jeep wasn’t working while it was parked there, so he believes someone put a new battery in it or did something to get it running again in order to drive off with it. Help Lincoln Police locate this red Ford truck and/or the occupants for further investigation. Leave your tip: say it here!


B9-117187              Occurred: 12/17/19

Lincoln Police are releasing suspect images from a robbery that occurred at the Sprint store near 27th/Superior on King Lane back in December. They are looking for new leads to solve the case. The vehicle the suspect arrived in appeared to be a small 4 door sedan, possibly a Toyota Corolla or similar. The suspect is seen ‘sprinting’ back to the vehicle right after the robbery. If you know anything about this case please say it here!

Fun Finder

C0-027262                 Occurred: 3/27-3/28

The victims in this case had their $25,000 travel trailer parked at a business near 56th/Cornhusker for storage purposes as they were preparing to sell it. Sometime overnight between March 27th and March 28th, the camper was stolen. If you see a camper with the words FUN FUNDER on the side of it, it could be theirs. Help us out and if you do see it, say it here!


C0-024999            Occurred: 3/20/20

The victim in this case was at the Oasis Hotel on 55th/Cornhusker when the window to his room was broken out and he was robbed for a pack of cigarettes. A female chased the suspects down and she was assaulted by one of them. Cameras at the business recorded the two males entering and exiting with two females. The males were wearing matching jackets: they had red right sleeves and possibly some checkerboard print on the front. If you know the identity of any of these people, we are needing to interview them regarding these alleged crimes. Help us out and say it here!


C0-024443            Occurred: 3/19/20

Lincoln Police are asking for help from the community to identify this man who entered into the North 27th Laundry Land business after hours. Take a look a the video, he wanders around quite a bit and goes behind the staff desk twice. Staff reported keys to the business were missing. They changed the locks so the suspect has no access to the building, but we would like to know who he is still. If you know who this suspect is, help out and say it here!

Black Camaro Convertible, Red Stripe

C0-010505          Occurred: 2/4/20

Hyvee on N 27th reported a male and female arrived at the store in a swanky sports car and allegedly shoplifted items from the store: a blender, dog food, and other items. They provided store surveillance of the two suspects as shown above. We believe the vehicle may be a newer model Chevy Camaro: a black convertible with one offset red stripe down it. Help us find this car and these suspects: say it here!