Not Here for a Cat

B9-119002            Occurred: 12/23/19

The Cat House located at 36th & O Street in Lincoln captured a visitor on surveillance camera that didn’t show up to adopt a cat. The suspect who appears to be a taller male, exits from a four door sedan and walks around the car of a Cat House employee. He then gets into his vehicle and obtains an item in which he uses to smash out her car window. For unknown reasons, he is spooked and right after smashing out her window jumps back into his car and takes off without obtaining anything from her vehicle. If you know anything about this case, here are some ways to help:

Say it here anonymously!

Call Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000

Call Lincoln Crimestoppers at 402-475-3600

No Entry

C0-007608                 Occurred: 1/25/20

Highway 77 Storage located at 2251 West O Street found some damage to a keypad and upon review of surveillance, captured these two suspects they believe to be responsible for the damage. Do you recognize either or them, or maybe their vehicle? If so, say it here!


C0-010976            Occurred: 2/5/20

McDonald’s on N 27th & Ticonderoga called to report a disturbance at the restaurant around 11pm this night. They say a customer came through the drive through and asked the employee to “speak American” and eventually left. The employee stated the customer may have been intoxicated and had a passenger in his vehicle that appeared to be passed out. The employee said about five minutes later, the customer came back again in the vehicle alone and demanded french fries. He reportedly used his hand to pretend to draw a gun from his waist band and pointed his finger at the employee stating “People like me can shoot you.” The employee was terrified. The male then threw two beer cans at the drive through window and drove off in his older model Pontiac Grand Prix. Help us figure out who this male suspect is! You can leave a tip : Say it Here! 


C0-010795          Occurred: 2/5/20

Hobby Lobby on 48th/Van Dorn reported they tried to stop a man who carried out two train sets and some photo frames that he didn’t pay for. They provided surveillance video of this male suspect who they say is responsible for taking the items. They said they tried to stop him at the exit but he would not stop and took off. If you know who this male suspect is, be sure to say it here!

Stolen Car

C0-011383            Occurred: 2/7/20

Target on N 48th and O Street called to report a female came into the store and allegedly shoplifted a purse from the store. They were able to capture a license plate in an attempt to identify the driver of the vehicle, and in doing so learned they captured a bigger crime as the car was reported stolen. They provided surveillance of the male and female shown above. It was reported the male had a tattoo on his neck that may have started with the letters LA. If you know who this duo is, do us a favor and say it here!

Vodka Run

C0-010309              Occurred: 2/1/20

Super Saver on N 48th & O Street reported a man came into the store and carried out a bottle of vodka, making no attempts to pay. Super Saver provided video of the main suspect in black, who was accompanied by the man in the red hoodie. If you know who either of these men are, make sure you say it here!

Hair Dye

C0-010113                Occurred: 2/3/20


Family Dollar located at 3211 S. 13th reported a woman came into the store and concealed a package of Revlon Color Silk hair dye in her purse. They provided surveillance of the female suspect shown above who was in the store with the man shown with her. If you recognize either of these people, let us know and say it here!

Smoke Shop Burglaries

Occurred: 2/6/20 – 2/10/20

This past week, Lincoln has experienced three separate smoke shop burglaries. The first occurred last Thursday morning at D&K near 48th and Huntington around 1:30am. Two suspects entered into the business by using a hammer to break the glass door. They were in and out very quickly in less than one minute. They targeted the business for vaping devices. It was reported a maroon SUV was seen leaving the area at this same time. One of the suspects was wearing a unique red and black jacket and also had an identifiable design or marking on the left thigh of his pants.

Monday morning around 12:15am, The Joint located at 333 North Cotner was targeted. Cameras captured five suspects smash the front door to gain entry to the building. They were in the business for a very short amount of time. Aside from the loss of vaping devices, $30,000 worth of damage was caused to the store. Surveillance on the outside of the building did capture a small glimpse of the face of one of the suspects. One of the suspects had a unique red, black, and white Nike hoodie on.

That same night around 11:30pm, Cloud 9 smoke shop located at 50th and Old Cheney had a window smashed out and three suspects entered through the broken window. Through video surveillance and clothing comparison, we are investigating a possible connection to the burglary that occurred earlier that morning. Surveillance did show one of the suspects was wearing a navy blue Nike backpack, and a dark colored SUV was seen leaving the area around this same time.

At this time, we are seeking help from the community as we gather any tips or information anyone has regarding these three burglaries. We are asking tipsters to call the Lincoln Police Department at 402-441-6000 and reference the following case numbers:

D & K                       C0-011000

The Joint                C0-012214

Cloud 9                   C0-012538

You can also leave an anonymous tip, just say it here!

Texas Longhorns Fan

C0-010593                 Occurred: 2/4/20

The victim in this case reported her purse was stolen from her vehicle. She checked her bank account and found transactions had occurred at Walmart and Subway. Walmart provided surveillance video and the two suspects above are believed to be responsible for the transactions. The female was wearing a Texas Longhorns hoodie. If you recognize either of these suspects, say it here!


Air Compressor

C0-009822              Occurred: 1/27/20

Walmart on Andermatt reported a man came into the store and took an air compressor and some bedding without paying for them. He was reported to have left in a white SUV. He was wearing a unique hat that may have said “Player” on it. Walmart provided surveillance of this man they say is the suspect. If you recognize him be sure to say it here!

“Company Card”

C0-007426                 Occurred: 1/25/20

Walgreens at 40th and Pine Lake reported a man came into the store, said he had a “company card” with special instructions for the cashier to complete the transaction for a $450 gift card. Ultimately the male walked away without paying for anything. Thankfully Walgreens was able to cancel the gift card right away, but we are still seeking to ID this suspect. Images above were provided by Walgreens and they report the male shown is the suspect. If you know who he is, be sure to say it here!

Bolt Cutters

B9-116300                   Occurred: 12/1/19

Walmart at 8700 Andermatt reported a man came into the store, and instead of ringing up the bolt cutters he had, he scanned another item of lesser value. They provided surveillance of this man who left in an older Honda Accord. If you know who he is, say it here!

Dinner on the House

B9-110154                   Occurred: 11/23/19

Applebee’s on N 27th reported two men came in, ate food, and left without paying. They provided a surveillance image of one of the males they believe to be responsible. If you recognize this suspect, say it here!

Suspicious Person

B9-114725                   Occurred: 12/7/19

Businesses in the 400 block of N 66th reported seeing a suspicious person around the business at the time a vehicle was rummaged through. Surveillance caught this male suspect on camera. If you know who he is, say it here!

Wish & Walmart

C0-005137                     Occurred: 1/18/20


The victim in this case located unauthorized purchases on her bank statement. The transactions were traced back to Walmart on N 27th and the Wish website. Walmart provided surveillance of a male they believe is the suspect that made that transaction. If you recognize him, say it here!

Two Guys with Tickets

B9-107567               Occurred: 11/14/19

Roc’s Stop and Shop on 56th and Holdrege reported two men came in and provided fake winning tickets for the skilled game machines. They provided surveillance of the men above and have identified them as the suspects in this case. If you know who they are, say it here!

Donation Jar Disappearance

C0-001680                  Occurred: 1/6/20

An employee at the Casey’s gas station on 40th and Adams had a customer come up to him to report he witnessed someone take a Junior Achievement donation jar. Video was provided and showed this suspect they believe to be responsible for this incident. If you know who this is, say it here!


C0-009457          Occurred: 1/31/20

An employee at Scheel’s was assisting a woman with looking at Ray-Ban sunglasses in a display case when they say she concealed a pair of sunglasses up her sleeve. They provided surveillance of the above female suspect, who was seen with the male shown, and together they left in a tan colored Lexus SUV. If you know anything about the identity of either of these folks, say it here!

Funny Money

C0-007711              Occurred: 1/26/20

Walgreens located at 8300 Northern Lights Drive reported a woman came into the store to purchase a reloadable card and a Verizon phone card. It wasn’t until after she left that the store employee realize the bills she paid with were fake and all had the same serial number. Walgreens provided surveillance images of this female suspect. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Sneaky Siphon

C0-003607                  Occurred: 12/24/19

An employee with the City of Lincoln reported gas had been siphoned out of one of the city trucks in the 900 block of W. Bond near the airport. Surveillance was reviewed and captured a dark colored truck pull up next to the city vehicle around the time of this incident. The truck has a decal across the front top of the windshield. If you know anything about this case, be sure to say it here!

Sockets and a Ratchet

C0-003121          Occurred: 1/11/20

Walmart on N. 85th reported a man and woman came into the store and concealed two socket sets and a ratchet in the female’s purse before exiting the store, not paying for them. They provided surveillance of these two suspects. If you have any information that could help us solve this case, say it here!


C0-004723                  Occurred: 1/17/20

The victim in this case reported she had her vehicle parked at the Comfort Inn located near the Lincoln Airport. The suspect was observed on camera checking door handles on multiple vehicles in the parking lot, before entering into the victim’s. Taken from her vehicle were pills and electronic items. Surveillance captured the following suspect. If you know who this suspect is or anything about this case, say it here!

iTake iPad

C0-006190                 Occurred: 1/22/20

An inventory worker was conducting work at the Casey’s Gas Station on 13th and E when his work issued iPad disappeared. Employees at Casey’s reviewed surveillance and located a black male they believe swiped the iPad. They provided the footage and the images above were obtained from it. If you recognize this man, say it here!

Mystery Visitors

C0-006162                   Occurred: 1/22/20

A resident in the 1600 block of SW 10th woke up to three people walking around on his property. He stayed inside and did not confront them. His surveillance system captured two males sitting outside in a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee, and this black female walking around. If you know anything about this case, say it here!

Quick Grab

B9-115122               Occurred: 12/10/19

Super Saver on 27th/Cornhusker reported a man came in, paid for his groceries, but on the way out swiped a 24 pack of Coors. They provided video surveillance of this male whom they say is responsible. If you know who he is, say it here!


C0-010216                  Occurred: 2/3/20


A male employee at the N. 48th Target store reported an older man came into the store and started beating his cane on the electronics counter, cursing, and demanding this employee help him get his phone working. He raised and threatened to hit the male employee with his cane, at which time a female employee was called over to assist with calming the man down. The man then yelled at the female employee, again demanded someone fix his phone, and then verbally threatened her with a gun before walking away. Target surveillance showed he arrived in a maroon colored Dodge Caravan or similar minivan, and the exit camera caught a quick image of him on his way out. If you recognize this male suspect, make sure to say it here or call Lincoln Crimestoppers at 402-475-3600 to leave a tip. 

Clean Up in Aisle 5

B9-120152                   Occurred: 12/28/19

Walmart on N 27th became the hot spot for a fight between four men on this day. The two in the black tops were in the pharmacy area when the two in the gray tops approached them and a brawl broke out. Shelves of products were disrupted and signs were broken in the midst of all of this. Store management stepped in and escorted all of them out of the store. They left in a maroon Pontiac G6 and a white Ford Fusion, neither had plates. If you recognize any of them, Say it Here!

Fleeing from an Officer

C0-011366        Occurred: 2/7/20

Lincoln Police pulled over this male suspect near 34th and Holdrege on a traffic stop for expired plates. The Officer began speaking with him, asking for his license, registration, and other proof of documentation. It was at this time that the man put the car in drive and took off. The Officer did not pursue him through the city for safety reasons. The license plate was ran and it came back as a stolen license plate from the Omaha area. The vehicle was a silver Toyota Camry, and the driver mentioned a possible connection to Council Bluffs, Iowa as well. The Officer was wearing a body worn camera and captured an image of the suspect’s face, shown above. If anybody has any information on this case, we encourage them to say it here or call Lincoln Crimestoppers at 402-475-3600.

Nailed It

C0-011772                 Occurred: 2/8/20


An employee at Menards on N. 27th was reviewing footage of merchandise that went missing and located this man as a possible suspect for a missing knife and $400 framing nailer. If you know who he is, say it here!