Felonies Galore

Case # B9-110224    Occurred: 11-22-19

Stolen vehicles, larcenies and credit card frauds. These three are suspected for several felonies and Lincoln Police are looking for tips to find them.  If you have any info on these individuals, contact LPD or Say it Here to report to Crime Stoppers.

Too Kool

B9-090933              Occurred: 8/25/19

Walmart on Andermatt reported a customer came in and scanned Kool-Aid packets under the barcode of the items she was purchasing, to decrease the price of them. They provided footage and said she is the woman in the white shirt, who was accompanied by the woman in the blue shirt. They left in a black Chevy Cruze. If you can help us identify either one of them, you can Say it Here!


UN19003201                Occurred: 9/17/19

A bike went missing from the Massengale Residential Center on UNL’s East Campus. Video surveillance showed this Hawkeyes fan as a possible suspect. If you know who he is, Say it Here!

Barcode Swap

B9-088850          Occurred: 9/20/19

Walmart on Andermatt called Lincoln Police to report a shoplift. They provided video footage of the man above, whom they report swapped barcodes on two bags of dog food. If you can help us identify him, Say it Here!

Fake Winnings

B9-111509          Occurred: 11/28/19

Roc’s Stop and Shop on 56th and Holdrege reported a man came into the store and provided a fake winning ticket for one of their game machines. He was ultimately denied as the cashier pointed out the ticket was not legit, and was missing certain security features. The man gave a fake name and phone number, and left the store. Can you help us identify him? If so, Say it Here!

Bad Deed at Goodwill

B9-049413             Occurred: 6/3/19

Goodwill on 17th & O reported finding two counterfeit $100 bills in the drawer at the end of business. They played back their security footage and located this man as a possible suspect. The cashier remembered him, stating he was wearing a FedEx shirt, that appears to be black and purple in color. Lincoln Police contacted local FedEx stores but nobody was able to recognize him. If you recognize this person, you can Say it Here!

Risky Business

B9-110502 & B9-111854          Occurred: 11/24 & 11/29

Risky’s Sports Bar near 48th and Leighton reported two attempts on two different days of a person trying to cash in a fraudulent game machine winning ticket for hundreds of dollars. They provided surveillance, and the people above have been identified as possible suspects. If you have any information that could help identify any of them you can Say it Here!

Fight Night

B9-078340          Occurred: 8/23/19

Lincoln Police are still trying to figure out the identity of four males that are reported to be responsible for assaulting a man in the hallway of the Latitude Apartments (10th & M) back in August. If you have any information that could help identify any of the suspects, you can call Crimestoppers at 402-475-3600 or Say it Here!


Case #B9-077023   Occurred: 6-9-19

On June 9th a storage Unit at 61st and Cornhusker was burglarized.  Thousands of dollars in household items were found to have been stolen from the unit.   The surveillance video was reviewed and a dark colored car with black wheels and a large spoiler was seen pulling up to the gate.   A code was used to enter and it is possible this was the car used by the burglars, but the code has not led officers to the suspects.   Video inside the storage units showed two females enter, with the smaller female carrying a large set of bolt cutters.  It is believed that they spent around an hour or more inside the building removing items from the victim’s storage unit.   If you have any info about this case, please contact LPD or leave a tip with CrimeStoppers.  Say it here.

Creeping for Cognac

Case #B9-076894     Occurred: 8-20-19

On 8-20-19 the HyVee at 50th and O St. reported a Larceny.  A male and female are observed on surveillance video to creep into the closed liquor area and they reportedly stole 3 bottles of Cognac.  If you have any info on this case, call LPD or Say It Here to report to Crime Stoppers.


B9-088982          Occurred: 9/21/19

A resident in the 6400 block of Whitewater reported capturing this person on surveillance exiting from the resident’s vehicle. No loss was reported, but Lincoln Police would like to know who this person is. If you have any information that could help us solve this case, Say it Here

$ x 100

B9-079499          Occurred: 8/27/19

A customer at the N 27th Walmart selected the option for $100 cash back on his transaction at a self checkout register. He forgot to grab his cash, and when he went back to grab it, someone had already taken off with it. Walmart provided surveillance of this woman whom they report to be responsible for taking the $100. They report she left in a light colored van with a business logo on the side. If you have any information that could help us solve this case, Say it Here!

Fake Out

B9-105996            Occurred: 11/10/2019

Main Street bar near 13th and O Street in Lincoln reported a man used counterfeit money to make a purchase. They provided us these images. If you recognize him, Say it Here!

broken fences

B9-091964      Occurred: 9-29-19

LPD is trying to identify suspects in a vandalism case where a fence and window were broken.  Cell phone video shows these two individuals.   If you have information, please contact LPD or Say It Here to remain anonymous.