Strike One

B9-087596          Occurred: 9/16/19

A resident at an apartment building near 13th and Lincoln Mall reported to the management that an unknown male was in the office the previous night. Surveillance was reviewed and captured this man: he had a bandana on his head and a baseball bat in hand at one point.  If you have any information that could help us identify him, Say it Here!

Loading Up

B9-103652          Occurred: 11/3/19

Multiple tenants at a storage unit near S. 2nd and West A learned on this night, their unit was broken into by the two pictured above, and items were stolen. The suspects appeared to be a male and female duo, arriving in a 2003-2007 white Nissan Murano. If you have any information that could help us solve this case, Say it Here!


Case #B9-093025    Occurred: 10-2-19

A Pickup truck was driving down N 68th street near Lexington. The pickup was a little too far over and absolutely smoked a parked SUV, totaling it. The two vehicles were locked together in the impact.  The pickup was able restart and eventually free itself after smoking the tires and pulling as hard as it could.  We are looking for an older light colored 2 door pickup.   It possibly has a tool box mounted at the front of the bed and it will definitely now have some damage to the driver’s front.     If you have any info, Contact LPD or Say It Here.

Not So Charitable

Case #B9-103725    Occurred:  11-2-19


The Northern Lighthouse Church at 14th/Fletcher has had at least 3 burglaries over the last 2 months. They decided to put up a covert camera to see who was getting inside.   Nov 2nd, they caught this male inside the church, breaking into a donation box and stealing an envelope of donations from a charity. If you have any information on this male, please contact LPD or Say It Here.

Super Blooper

B9-098884          Occurred: 10/19/19

Super Saver on 48th and O provided footage of the man responsible for a hit and run in the parking lot. He was seen leaving in a white Toyota sedan. If you have any case information that could help us identify this man, Say it Here!

Big Loss

B9-082351          Occurred: 9/2/2019

Thousands of dollars of tools were stolen from construction areas near 40th and Yankee Hill. Surveillance captured two suspect vehicles: a lighter colored pickup truck and a red Dodge Stratus or similar. The red Dodge Stratus appeared to be occupied by a male and female. If you have any case information that can help, Say it Here!

Over the Fence

B9-102492          10/30/2019

These two, described as men in their early 20’s, are the suspects in an attempted bike theft. The man shown without a bike climbed a fence in the area of 64th and Havelock and attempted to lift a bike over, but was caught by a resident before he was able to get away. The bike was left behind, but we’d still like to talk to him. If you have any case information, Say it Here!

Motorcycle Mayhem

B9-092899          Occurred: 9/30/2019

A 1995 maroon Harley sportster-style motorcycle and helmet was stolen from a backyard near 17th and A Street on this night. Surveillance from a smoke shop showed this man whom Lincoln Police would like to talk to in regards to the theft. If you can help with this case, Say it Here!

Unfair Fight

B9-094468          Occurred: 10/5/19

Surveillance cameras at the new Sonic Drive-In on Coddington and West A captured these 4 men Lincoln Police are looking to ID. They exchanged some words with an individual in the drive-in, and afterwards followed him and assaulted him in the parking lot. If you know any of the identities or recognize that vehicle, Say it Here!

Cleanup on Aisle 5

B9-082984           Occurred: 9/4/19

The guy shown above and his friend went to N. 27th Walmart and loaded bottles of alcohol into their pants. His friend ran into the door running out, and dropped a bottle of alcohol that spilled. This guy then slipped in the spilled alcohol, which caused him to drop two bottles he had concealed in his pants which also shattered. If you can help us solve this case, Say it Here!


Save Big Money

B9-075583          Occurred: 7/12/19

The victim in this case reported activity on a credit card he hadn’t used in three years. Upon reviewing surveillance, the two above were seen checking out with his card at the Menards on N 27th in Lincoln. If you have any information that could help solve this case, Say it Here!


Case #B9-101623       Occurred: 10-28-19

This guy snuck up on someone’s porch and scoped out all the things that weren’t screwed down. He ended up taking a pack of smokes and some reading glasses. Maybe he wanted to read the warning label on those smokes. If you know who he is, contact LPD or Say It Here!