NOT Superman!!

C1-072209                                   Occurred: 08-04-2021

Well, this guy is no Clark Kent or Superman!  This individual enters Russ’s at 17th and Washington and notices this bike belonging to the victim.  He looks around and then takes the bike and rides away on it.  If anyone has an idea as to who this person is or where the bike might be at, please Say It Here!

TIRE-d Disposal!!

C1-095740                                 Occurred: 10-09-2021

In the area of 25th and Theresa St., these two individuals utilized the victim’s trash containers to dispose of their tires.  There were just tires, tires with rims, all sorts of rubber!  If anyone knows who these two might be or recognize the truck, please Say It Here!

Fowl Play!

C1-072073                              Occurred: 08-03-2021 @ Russ’s Market

These three “stand out” individuals walked into the Russ’s at 17th and Washington and each selected a chicken meal in the deli. They neglected to pay for the meals and walked back out of the store with them.  If anyone knows these individuals, Say It Here!

Almost Made It!!!!

C1-064680                                 Occurred: 07-13-2021 @Home Depot

Does anyone know this person?  He was caught trying to leave Home Depot on North 27th after concealing an item.  He was confronted by Store Loss Prevention staff.  He threw down the item and ran.  The item was recovered, but after the subject made it out side.  If you know who this might be, Say It Here!

Purloined Pants!!

C1-088710                                  Occurred: 09-20-2021

This individual purloined a pair of pants at Scheels.  He picked a pair of jeans that were rather pricey. He then placed them in his arms and positioned himself in the bathroom where he placed the pants on his person.  After than, he   passed through the doors without paying.  If you know this person, PLEASE post a message on Crime Stoppers and Say It Here!

DRUGS? DRUGS? Where are the Drugs??

LSO C1007734 &  LPD C1-094426      Occurred: 10-06-2021

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s department and the Lincoln Police Department are investigating two burglaries of some local pharmacies that occurred between 0445 to 0530 am on 10-06-2021.  Meadowlark Pharmacy and Stockwell Pharmacy were both victims of the same burglars.  If anyone knows anything about these incidents, they are encouraged to call the Lancaster County Sheriff’s department at 402-441-6500 or Crime Stoppers at 402-475-3600 or Say It Here!


Midnight Marauders!!

C1-088409                               Occurred: 09-18-2021

The homeowner in this case was shocked to see 3 midnight marauders pouncing on the porch!  They look into the home through the door and then notice the camera has turned on.  They then walk off.  There have been other reports of this occurring as well.  If anyone knows these three individuals, please Say It Here!

Lucky or Un-Lucky?

C1-067203                                   Occurred: 07-20-2021

The victim in this case left $40 in change (2 – $20 dollar bills) laying on the self-checkout register at Walmart after getting her receipt and coin change.  She walked out of the store.  This individual was the next person to use the register.  She retrieves the money and places it in her pocket, but does not let anyone know she found it. While she thinks she is lucky, the victim is not so lucky!  If you know who this person is, we would like to speak with her about the situation!  Say It Here!

Grab and Go!!

C1-063390                                  Occurred: 07-08-2021

The U Stop at 110 West O St. reported that the two females pictured attempted to get alcohol at approximately 0300 hours, but were refused.  They then entered again and grabbed alcohol and ran out of the store without paying for it.  If you know who these ladies might be, Say It Here!


C1-065095                                  Occurred: 07-14-2021

Employees at Fresh N’ Save, 945 S. 27th, reported that they suspected this individual of shoplifting a bottle of alcohol.  He is seen on video making motions of concealment.  If anyone knows this suspect, please Say It Here!

Strange, No One Is Here…….

C1-061658                                  Occurred: 07-05-2021

Casey’s reported that their alarm went off at approximately 0210 in the morning.  This individual walks in through an unlocked from door and picks up a number of items and then leaves.  Not once does it seem odd to her that no one was present in the store OR that no one was there to take her money!!  If anyone happens to recognize this oblivious possible burglar, please Say It Here!

SMOKING one…..

C1-062284                                 Occurred: 07-06-2021

Walgreens at 13th and O reported that the individual pictured here entered the store and tried to purchase a pack of cigarettes with a debit card, but was only allowed $1.75  The suspect said he would give back the cigarettes after he found a drink under the amount on the card.  He then said he found nothing and walked out, not paying for the cigarettes.  If anyone recognizes this person, Say It Here!

Dead Check Owner!!

C1-045773                                  Occurred: 05-22-2021

Right in time for Halloween, this coupe is doing something frightening!!  This couple is suspected of passing the check of a dead person!!  They passed a check at the Walgreens at 14th and Superior.  The clerk thought it odd that they were buying large amount of items at Walgreens and googled the owner of the account.  She found the owner had died in 2019!!  If anyone recognizes the people in the pictures, please Say It Here!



C1-058911                                    Occurred: 06-28-2021

This gentleman is suspected of removing a license plate from the victim’s vehicle.  He pulls into the lot at Russ’s on Washington and hides between cars while he removes the plate from the victim’s car.  If you recognize the driver or the car, please Say It Here!


C1-054994                               OCCURRED: 06-17-2021

Apparently, this gentleman was a victim of the “MUNCHIES” but neglected to bring his wallet!  He walked into The Super Saver on Pine Lake and loaded his basked and then walked out without paying for the items.  If anyone knows who this person might be, please Say It Here!


C1-056555                                  Occurred: 06-14-2021

The Pump and Pantry at 345 West O Street reported that this flash of pink ran in and loaded up on items and then walked out without paying for the items.  You can tell in the second picture that there was a significant number of items she is attempting to hide.  If anyone knows who this might be, Say It Here!

Sticky Visitor!

C1-063962                                   Occurred: 07-11-2021

The victim was expecting an Amazon package and it was intercepted by this sticky visitor!  The victim reports this individual comes up onto the porch, looks around a waits a bit, and then takes the package that had just been delivered!  If you know this sticky visitor, Say It Here!

Broken Casey’s!

C1-074868                                 Occurred: 08-12-2021

Two unknown suspects used a bat to break the front door glass window out to Casey’s on West Cornhusker at approximately 1:50 AM.  They were wearing masks and after breaking out the door glass, took cigarettes and alcohol to the tune of approximately $1000 in damages and loss.  If anyone knows these colorful characters, please Say It Here!

Vandals in the Night……….

C1-078194                                   Occurred: 08-21-2021

The victim in this case had their car parked by their house in the 1000 block of South 5th.  These three individuals walked up at approximately 9:55 pm and damaged the victim’s vehicle using rocks.  If you know who these individuals are, please Say It Here!

Church Vandal!

C1-084531                                  Occurred: 09-08-2021

The United Lutheran Church experienced a vandalism in which their air conditioner was damaged at approximately 9:10 pm.  The video shows that the suspect has a specific gate in his walk.  He was present for approximately 20 minutes causing damage to the air conditioner.  If anyone knows who this person is, please Say It Here!

Big Burglary!

C1-089966                                   09-24-2021

This individual is suspected of committing a burglary in the 200 block of North 24th Street.  Video shoes the suspect walking into the victim’s home.  While inside, he grabs a set of keys and leaves.  He leave and then comes back in to check the garage, possibly looking for a car to match the keys with.  No car was in the garage, so he walks back out.  The owner had went out to walk his dog while this was happening.  If you recognize the party, please Say It Here!

8 X’s the Fraud

C1-083445                                  Occurred: 09-05-2021

These three individuals are suspects in at least 8 credit card frauds in the Lincoln area.  The victims in these frauds either had their wallets taken out of their cars or out of their purses while shopping in grocery stores.  They are usually approached by and person who asks them questions, distracting them from their cart and purse.  It is at this time that another person gets the wallet from the purse.  If anyone knows who these three suspects are, please Say It Here!

Pickpocketed PIN

C1-066715            Occurred: 7-16-2021

The victim in this case was likely the victim of a pickpocket.  The male suspect was first observed on camera while looking at the victim enter her PIN while paying at the north Walmart.  The male then followed the suspect outside and returned a $20 bill that he said the victim dropped, this is likely when he obtained her credit cart, before rerturning to the store and making some sizable purchases on the victim’s card.  This is a good reason to do your best to obscure you PIN and NEVER write it down.  If you know either of these suspects say it here.

Indecent to say the least

C1-080528            Occurred: 8-28-2021

To say this suspect’s actions were indecent is a bit of an understatement.  The suspect pictured in this silver Dodge Journey SUV was seen in the 3700 block of Faulkner enjoying the warm weather, the only problem was he did it while exposing his genital area.  If you know who this suspect is say it here.

Garage Gift Cards

C1-067739            Occurred: 7-22-2021

This suspect is believed to be using a credit card that was stolen from a vehicle in an open garage in the 1800 block of Fletcher.  The stolen credit card was used to purchase gift cards from CVS and Walgreens the same night it was stolen from the open garage.  If you recognize this suspect or her vehicle say it here.

Going up?

C1-067137            Occurred: 7-20-2021

The suspect in this case went right to the top of the Bryan East Hospital parking garage and cut off the catalytic converter of an O’Keefe Elevator’s service truck.  The suspects likely came and went in this 2002-2006 GMC Envoy SUV.  If you know what this suspect was up to say it here.

Time for some Pruning?

C1-068505            Occurred: 7-21-2021

These two suspects may have had some tree pruning to do since they made off with an electric pruning saw from the Home Depot on N 27th.  One suspect distracted the cashier while the other suspect wheeled a cart right out the front door, probably so they could handle that tree that desperately needed pruning.  If you know who either suspect is say it here.

Can You Hear Me Now?

C1-073255                                   Occurred: 08-07-2021

CPR (Cell Phone Repair) at 3865 South Street had an unwelcomed visitor over night.  This individual broke the front door glass and went inside.  The suspect removed numerous cell phones and computers……and a stud finder.  I am quite certain they thought it was something else.  If you recognize this “Man in Black”, please…..Say It Here!

A Harsh Reminder!!

C1-081339                               Occurred: 08-30-2021

The victim was just taking care of things around his house.  Unfortunately, he was not around the front of the house when this individual pulled up and sauntered into the garage not once, not twice, but THREE times and picked up various pneumatic impact tools. If anyone recognizes this tool aficionado, Say It Here!

Tool Timed Out!!!

C1-087126                                   Occurred: 09-16-2021

This person is a real Tool Timer!!! He broke into a home workshop in the 6800 Block of Seward Ave.  The victim had just installed cameras in the building, but did not have an alarm.  He came out to the shop in the morning and found that a window had been pried open.  He suspect took over $2500 dollars worth of tools from the shop.  If anyone know who this power tool pilferer is, Say It Here!!